There Will Be Blood : When Eli is throwing out the Evil

When Eli is throwing out the Evil

In the initial church scene, Eli is yelling "Get Out!" repeatedly. Yes, is it for the ill woman? Maybe... But the way it's filmed almost makes it seem as if that's the moment that Paul becomes Eli, from here on out. He's essential ridding himself of his other personality.

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Paul and Eli are two different people. Paul left as soon as he got his $500 and is never seen again.

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He is ridding her of her arthritis. He's telling it to get out.

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Hes an evangelist style preacher thats their style pretty much even today but its not so far fetched for some little podunk town like little boston.
And yeah its not about 2 different personalities. Eli had a twin brother named paul and we only see him when he gets paid the 500$

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Wow dude. Way to miss the whole damn point of...everything in this movie.

Paul and Eli are twin brothers. We meet Paul in the beginning, and Eli is the preacher. Daniel tells Eli at the end that Paul has his own oil company that he started with the money Daniel paid him and that he's doing well for himself.

He's an evangelical know, a con man.

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You're missing the entire film. That entire scene is incredibly symbolical. Why does Plainview pour 3 glasses at the end of the film? Coincidence? I don't think so

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There were also 2 actors initially going to play Paul and Eli, oddly enough, PTA went with one. With the battle between Religion and Capitalism, The Almighty God Vs The Almighty Dollar... Plainview Wins. Capitalism Wins. It also ties in the BUSINESS of Organized Religion. I could go on for days. I've studied every minute of this film. Sure, we can always look at Paul and Eli as 2 separate characters but it's just not the case. Not when you dig into the subtext of the film. PTA went to the school of Stanley Kubrick and it's on full display in his Masterpiece that is TWBB. As with 'The Shining'... Does Jack Torrance exist in the Past AND Present? Yes... And he does in the Future as well. PTA toyed with these same ideas.

Re: When Eli is throwing out the Evil me some evidence from the film proving that Eli and Paul are intended to be the same person.

I mean, that's a pretty big open opportunity there, since people have found evidence that The Shining was really about Kubrick faking the moon landing, so you can be convincing about anything if you find evidence in the film.

There is the one scene...just one where Eli...not Plainview as you said, but Eli pours three drinks at the end of the film that could be construed to mean Eli and Paul are the same person. And you'll notice Eli drinks the first and begins to drink the second...without switching personalities mind you.

Anything else?

So how did this go?

Eli has an alternate personality that he trots out every once in a while. Clearly his family knows about Paul, he screams about Paul and what Paul did to his father when he attacks him, so there's this boy who pretends to act like someone else sometimes, a fictional twin brother, but the community and his family trust him as their preacher and don't view him as a crazy person. Back then. OK sure...let's keep going with that.

Then Eli switches to his Paul personality, who seemingly is at odds with Eli, even though they occupy the same mind, travels all the way to to find Daniel to perform a ruse in which he offers information about his homeplace to an oil man in exchange for money, to hopefully bring him to that community so his family can make money off selling their land.

All with the goal of what? Are you saying Eli's Paul personality took up this responsibility because he knew it was the only way to get the resources to grow his church, but, for some reason, wouldn't bow to the capitalistic influences of the world. Then what happens? Paul turns back into Eli and then Eli, with no memory of what happened, returns home?

And then, Eli, who so abhors capitalism that he needs an alternate personality to carry out his capitalistic ventures (we'll ignore the fact that he's the one who negotiates for the price of his father's land) turns into an utter capitalist by the end of the movie, rendered penniless by the Great Depression.

Then, for years and years and years, all the time Daniel has known him, he never switches back to the Paul personality.

And then, for that to work, you have to assume Daniel understands all of this, and that there's a deep subtext to his apparent fiction he spins about Paul's fate as an oil man at the end. That's a lot of reaching for a film so grounded in reality.

Or, we could say Eli knew he'd need two drinks to beg Daniel for money, so he poured three glasses for the two of them instead of bringing over the bottle, and that Paul and Eli were twins who hated each other.

What you don't seem to understand is that Eli and Daniel represent two sides of the same coin. They're foils. Daniel hates Eli so deeply, because he knows their methods of deception are extremely similar. The way Eli riles up the church is equivalent to the way Daniel sells a town on drilling for oil or building a pipeline, and it reveals something Daniel hates about himself, likely because Daniel's father was probably some kind of jesus-crazed preacher, who didn't practice what he preached. A false prophet.
And Daniel is just as much of a false prophet, coming to these towns on the fringes of society and promising schools and progress and delivering nothing but wealth for himself. Just as Eli is just as much of a capitalist as Daniel is, constantly looking for angles that will grow his church and, consequently, his power and influence.

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Daniel hates Eli because he had power over him. Daniel wants to rule the world. But still Daniel had to put up with Elis routine and get baptized in order to get what he wanted. Eli rubbed it in and Daniel hated him for it.