Classic TV: The 00s : What kids cartoon?

What kids cartoon?

So I watched this kids cartoon, probably between 2008, 2009...... It was on regular television, a local channel, nothing fancy..It was on with word girl. And I cannot remember what it was called. It was a specific episode about rainbows, the team (fairly certain it is NOT! NOT! NOT! team Umizoomi) took their space ship to a place that was all rainbow. The houses looked like rainbows melted onto mushrooms, the people were different colors and changed colors with their mood. And every morning they were greeted with an actual rainbow.... But then one day, they're morning rainbow didn't show up...... And a guy peddling snake oil came, and told everybody they needed this stuff to have their rainbow now, I think it was probably water in a squirt bottle...... But really, he was a con man who had blocked their rainbow on purpose. There was a crystal on a mountain, and every morning the sun came up and hit that crystal, making a rainbow for the people of the village. But the con man put up a door to block the rainbow, and then only opened the door when people bought his product, so it looked like they needed the product in order to see their rainbow. The team of whoever, found out about the con man and his trick with the door on the mountain, and tore it down and ran the con man out of town, saving the people from wasting their money on nothing. And getting their rainbow back.