3D Films : What a crock- It came from outer space.

What a crock- It came from outer space.

All of a sudden ,Universal u.s.a decides to release the Blu-ray 3D version and Panamint bows out and now it is not being released in July or pre ordered.What went wrong ?I tried to contact the 3D archives about this .You see me and other were complaining about it being released in Scotland and Britain,when it should be released in the u.s.a.Well!universal heard us. The question when it's going to be released in the u.s.a. I'm guessing the delay .Copyright fee for the ray Bradbury estates? .It's not public domain yet .i don't think.Universal is waiting for the license of the flat version on DVD sale to run out first?may be it won't be that far. The good thing is that they could release there version in wide screen ,like it was premiered in 1953,I read it was a curved 1:85:. This would fir on our plasma t.v. ratio. Hope fully with Nat king Cole short.I'm also guessing that they could license other companies ,like flicker alley or Criterion or Janus films to release this ,may be.The problem is that they haven't offer pre order yet .I sent Universal home video a message,but. No answer.Problem universal works for un regulated wall street and not, all film fans,except for the ones they exploit.Watch the yes people pitch a fit on what I said.I am a film consumer and I have rights! .Believe it or not they could afford to release it now.I' also gusseting they are waiting for the Sadie Thompson Blu ray sales to slow down and the kino on video sales of gog as well as the current Cinerama pre orders,since it competes with them to slow down.That would mean that it's a long way off .If I'm right.

Re: What a crock- It came from outer space.

The waiting goes on . . . .

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