The Watercooler : Weird things I have done on the internet! LMAO! :D

Weird things I have done on the internet! LMAO! :D

In random order.

Joined a messageboard and my very FIRST thread was asking the Older Members to help me with my personal problem. I got dragged and ragged so hard for that one by at least one Older Member. I said I didn't deserve the dragging and ragging I got for my question. I was expecting sympathy and support for how bad that Older Member was treating me.

But another Older Member was like,"No, Allison is right to drag you and rag on you. In fact, I was about to drag and rag on you hard myself, but she beat me to the punch. We don't know you so we don't care about your personal problem. In fact, it was really rude of you as a brand new Member to ask us to help you with your personal problem.

We MAY have treated you better had you been an Established Member and then asked us to help you with your personal problem. Let the dragging and ragging you received for this be a Learning lesson for you. " Needless to say, I didn't last long there.

I got banned from a website and came back under a new name. And confessed that I was the banned Member when asked. Not surprisingly, I was banned under the new name soon after confessing I was the banned Member. That was a beyond stupid decision(This was one of my early Socks ).

I was both Chone Wilson and Nostrious Notorious on the old Imdb messageboards and I made sure to make Chone Wilson and Nostrious seem like two different people. Chone was a Rude Douchebag, LMAO , and Nostrious was nice and sweet. I was doing a very good job of making Chone and Nostrious seem like two different people until the fateful day when Nostrious came back from "Vacation," in reality, I had just stopped posting as Nostrious for about a week and was now "Back,". A Poster asked,"Hi, Nostrious. It's good to see you back. How was your vacation?" Chone answered,"My vacation was great. I loved it. Thanks for asking. "

The Poster asked,"Uh, Chone why did you answer the question I asked Nostrious?" Oops. I had forgotten to logout as Chone and login as Nostrious. I made one of the lamest excuses ever and claimed that I thought they were asking me(Chone) that question. The Poster responded,"No way in hell could you get Chone Wilson and Nostrious mixed up(It wasn't even plausible like Kate and Katie or Jimmy and Jim) And besides, you didn't go on vacation! You've been here all along!

Other Posters noticed the "Mistake," and commented on it and I finally came clean and confessed to being both Chone and

Nostrious and The Poster was like,"I knew it as soon as you replied under the wrong name! Lots of Posters had a good laugh about that.

I was an Established Member on a website and asked Other Members for Advice with a Personal Problem(Learned my lesson about being a New Member and asking for help with my personal problem right off the bat. On this website, I still got dragged and ragged on hard…. Because I confessed to being 26 on a website that catered to TEENS. The Teens were like,"Holy ****! You're a 26 year old Adult? What the hell you doing on a website that is for Teens? Get out of here oldey moldy!"

Another Poster wrote,"This 26 year old Adult hanging out on a TEENAGE website comes off as a huge Loser. The only ADULTS that should be on Teenage websites are Parents of Teenagers as a way of keeping tabs on what their teenagers are up to. Any other Adult just comes off as a Loser." In my defense, I was actually a Teen when I signed up and had stayed on for about a Decade.

It got so bad, I created a Sock to defend myself chewing out the Teens for harassing someone who adked an Innocent question and I as my Sock claimed to be even older than my Main Account(A 30 year old) and said I was appalled that the Teens were so rude to berate someone for being 26 instead of answering an Innocent question. The Teens shot back,"Before you call us rude amd appalling, remember who raised us," which was actually kind of creepy as a 30 year old would have been a Teen parent when they had Teens. In hindsight, creating a 16 year old Sock to defend my 26 year old Main Account probably would have been better.

On a gambling website, I was banned as a brand new Newbie for asking something like,"Can you be trespassed for gambling with money you found on a Casino floor?" I honestly wanted to know. I figured that with me being a brand New Newbie I'd be given a LOT of slack. I was banned only about 12 hours later, after multiple Older Members rallied for my Banning, stating that I was a Troll. not even a full day of being a brand New Newbie.

In fact, before my banning, I told another Board that I was a brand-new Newbie and Posters were already rallying for my banning. The other Posters looked at the website and were like,"LOL. You haven't even been there for a full day and they already see what a Troll you are and are already begging the Admins to ban you. " On the other website,"Ban this Troll!" Was the exact post one of the Older Members posted.

Another Poster wrote something lije,"This Nostrious Troll is clearly NOT a real Member and I am afraid this Nostrious Troll will discourage the REAL Posters from Posting here. It was clear that the writing was already on the wall even though I did make a decent post about how horrible it was that a guy did a Max Bet and got almost a full screen of the top Symbol and only got about 5 times his bet.

On a gambling website, as a brand new Newbie older Members thought I was a Troll and actually set me up to start to get banned. In hindsight, doing exactly what they asked me to do was stupid and although I absolutely didn't know it was a setup I still should have refused.

Here's what happened. I claimed a Woman said that she was playing China Shores slot Machine and she got like 15 CS Symbols and they offered her either Cash Prize or free Games(15 Symbols is worth a LOT of free games. ) She was just about to choose "Free games," when a hand came out of nowhere and pressed "Cash Prize," she was livid when it gave her the lowest Cash Prize. She cussed out the stranger and kicked his ass for costing her her free games and causing her to get the lowest cash prize. It turns out this guy had been pressing cash out on a bunch of random people's machines and stealing the TITOs and had gotten lots of complaints made about him.

When he pressed cash prize on this woman's game, he expected her TITO to come out so he could steal it. Instead of the Casino trespassing the woman for cussing him out and beating him up, the Casino Staff apologized to her for him costing her a lot of free games and trespassed him and gave her in free play the equivalent of what she could have gotten had he not pressed "Cash out."

The Older Members asked me for proof of what I was saying as they were skeptical. So, I linked to the website and pointed out where her post was. The older Members did not thank me for providing the proof they asked me for. I thought that was strange.

Later that day, I got message from The Admin. Being a Newbie I assumed it was a "Warm welcome," type of message. Instead it was a message informing me that I got one strike for linking to someone else's post on another website without their permission as doing so was actually against the rules. Three strikes meant permanent Banning. I was informed that the link had been removed and the thread was closed. The Admin said that they already received Multiple Complaints about me asking if I was a Troll despite me just joining and even they questioned my motives.

The Admin heavily implied that the "Show proof," request was actually a setup by The Older Members to get me a Strike. I was permanently BANNED after admitting on another unrelated website I was the same person when asked if I was run off the other website. What did being the same person on an unrelated website have to do woth the first to get me banned? If anything that should have been a SECOND strike, not the THIRD. I still should have had another chance.

On the old Imdb website, I had an obsession with Get Him To The Greek movie and kept gushing about it. The GHHTG Board wanted to run me off the GHHTG Board… For talking way too much about GHTTG movie. LMAO! Ironic! I soon defended myself pointing out it wasn't like I went to Star Wars: A New Hope Board and begun gushing a lot about GHHTG movie. I joined WWE:Raw Board and gushed about how "Real," the Wrestling looked. People dragged and ragged on me hard for that saying something like,"Wrestling is obviously scripted and stayed you idiot!"

A Poster who harassed me on the GHTTG movie board followed me to the Raw board and harassed me there too. At first he was supported by the Raw Posters, but then they quickly realized that ALL of his posts were talking **** about me and he never posted anything Wrestling related. Posters were like,"Is talking **** about Nostrious all you can do? You are so pathetic. How about posting about Wrestling? My Stalker responded,"Why are you guys ragging on me? You guys also talk **** about Nostrious.

The Posters responded,"We are ragging on you because ALL of your posts on here are about talking **** about Nostrious It's clear you came here for the sole purpose of harassing Nostrious and not to actually talk about Wrestling. Nostrious may be an idiot, but Nostrious actually posts about Wrestling which makes Nostrious technically a much more valuable Poster than you."

Another Poster wrote,"This Poster who stalked Nostrious from GHTTG movie board to here to harass Nostrious. is a Loser. He's no better than Nostrious. Nostrious has a very poor following. Why is this Idiot Stalking Nostrious of all people? This post right here was what led me to believe he was DEFENDING me. I thought he was feeling sympathy for me. I had to be told that he was actually not defending me, he was insulting both me and my Stalker/Harasser.

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Great post, Kentry! :D

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My first message board was a story board about penguins Ed, Ned, Ted, Fred, and Red, 1997, though the penguins weren't most of the meat of the story, just a mascot.

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😺 Schrodinger's Cat walks into a bar, and doesn't. 🤨 Let's go, Brandon! 🤨 Try that in a small town.

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Great post, Kentry!

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Kentry, why does controversy follow you wherever you go?

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Don't care as I don't even know you.

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Kentry, why does someone like you, someone who seems so unassuming, get banned so often from so many different sites?

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Great post Kentry :D

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Is there a tl;dr of this?

Ding Dong! 🤡🌎