Al Molinaro : Weezer- Buddy Holly

Weezer- Buddy Holly

What a cool video. Al reprised his role in happy days for it. I thought it was done by computer. He was 75 at the time, he looked much younger. Don't know what he looks like nowadays.
Anyway, cool cameo.

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Great actor, loved him on those OnCore Lasagna Commericals & Happy Days ofcourse he was the best on.

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"Try the fish" :)

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It must have been amazing for him to be on that set of Al's from "Happy Days", almost 10 years after the show ended. They recreated the whole "Happy Days atmosphere in this video. Al Molinaro did a great job reprising his role as well, and he looks almost exactly the same age.

I think Al was on the last H.D. reunion show in 2005, so he's doing well for his age.

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Astonishing video!

I never liked the man as I always hated cast replacements but upon seeing that video, it was like a slap in the face! Lighten up! It's only a sitcom! I felt like a trekkie coming face-to-face with William Shatner.

I am in awe of Molinaro now. Someone who could take a deliberate catchphrase and just run with it like that, ten years later.

"Try the fish" and "Yep, yep-yep-yep-yep!"


I wanted to watch reruns of the Odd Couple just to see him.

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Cast replacement? IMDB says he was on it for the full run.
Now that you mention it…do I remember an Asian guy owning the restaurant for a while, or was that a different show?

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Molinaro is credited early on as 'Alfred' tho in what is supposed to be his first episodic appearance, he's 'Al Delvecchio'.

I don't remember him at all in those early episodes.

Pat Morita was Arnold and owned Arnold's. I remember he left and Al became the owner, then Al left (crossing over to Joannie loves Chachi) and Arnold came back.

Even still, Morita had 13 appearances on Blansky's Beauties as Arnold as well.

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OH YEAH! Thanks!!

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I heard Al Molinaro cried on the set of that video because he loved "Happy Days".

Molinaro passed away in a Glendale, California hospital on October 30, 2015 at the age of 96. He is survived by his wife Betty, son Michael and three grandchildren. Molinaro's son said his father's death was the result of complications from an infected gall bladder.

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