Politics : WHAT…THE…FUCK…..( QAnon )


I was reding an article about one of the 5 people who died in Wednesdays riots

The sisters also clashed over Boyland's political views and the QAnon myth, which includes wild allegations of a child sex ring. Boyland had begun following the conspiracy theory over the past six months, Lonna Cave said.

Boyland explored its baseless accusations that online furniture retailer Wayfair was part of the fictional ring, her sister said, and her faith in conspiracies spiraled from there

This is the first im hearing of this Myth….how the fuck did an imdb trolls weird rants end up a big political conspiracy? lol


Re: WHAT…THE…FUCK…..( QAnon )

Wayfair should be shut down! Not because they allegedly sold children on their site to be used as sex slaves, but for false advertising. Their jingle is "Wayfair, you've got just what I need." Well, I needed a hug. Wayfair doesn't offer hugs.

Re: WHAT…THE…FUCK…..( QAnon )

Ah, yes. The Wayfair conspiracy. Ridiculous. There was some cabinet that looked basic but cost thousands of dollars. It had a name that sounded like a foreign name. The crazies believed that the name was actually the child you would receive from Wayfair
Turned out the 'basic' cabinet was actually a restaurant grade item which was why it was so expensive.
The whole idea was crazy! What if some random person ordered the cabinet and a child was delivered to their house? The idea that these loonies believe traffickers would take that risk is ridiculous!