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Tony Boo-Boos

Best Musical, 1972: TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA over FOLLIES. I mean, has anyone cared much about TWO GENTLEMEN in the 40 years since? Does it get even a casual mention anywhere? Has anyone written a book about its production? Has it had any major revivals in New York and London? Has it become legendary?

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Two Gentlemen

I happen to like MacDermott's TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA -- better than I like Shakespeare's, in fact. No, it's not as good as FOLLIES. It's not even as good as MacDermott's masterpiece, HAIR, the snubbing of which by the Tonies was undoubtedly the reason for TWO GENTS' win. But it can still work beautifully, as was seen in a production at Baltimore's Center Stage a few years back. And it was revived that same season at the Delacorte in Central Park, though most people thought that production was not as good. In any event, there are many Tony years when it would have been an eminently deserving winner, and hating it just for winning over FOLLIES is as unfair as hating OLIVER! because it won the Oscar instead of 2001.

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I agree, dawngirl! (nm)

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lack of a nomination this season for Tyne Daly in "Master Class"

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I didn't have time to read your ENtire post, but is he Honey Boo-Boo's brother?

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