Wireless : This series will have you in suspense!

This series will have you in suspense!

🥳🥳🥳At first I was annoyed with the close up shots of what he was looking at on his smartphone.

Just when Id had enough, the dude wrecks! It gets better from there.

Teenagers make the worst decisions. Its like the fear of getting caught supercedes all reason and rationale. And his teen friends are like unreliable and self-absorbed.

Im watching it through the perspective of a parent of teenager. Im like wow..whats this kid going to do now in this situation?

Cars are a social status. Also, he doesnt wanna go to jail for driving with a suspended license. So hes gotta lie his way out of his predicament.

Its an creative plot and the way it is filmed is even more innovative.

Its a new genre I think? Not found film footage but it seems like it cuz we are right there with the character as the plot thickens!



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When I started to watch it, I thought I picked a wrong one. But I carried on, coz it was short.

One of the reasons I hated it in the beginning was, like you said, it was about stupid teen drama, about booze, girlfriend, defying parents. But I liked the last 4 episodes.

Even though the ending was as expected, it did not bother me. Coz sometimes safe ending is acceptable. Overall an average. I would give 6½.

It's not the page count that's important. It's telling the story. -Genius (2016)

Re: This series will have you in suspense!