Shazam! Fury of the Gods : This movie made me HIV positive ( spoilers )

This movie made me HIV positive ( spoilers )

They literally tame dangerous otherworldly unicorns with fucking skittles.

I could have sworn Billy's parents knew they were all crime fighting super heros from the first movie? God Billy's adoptive mother is so hot lol

Wonder woman just turns up at the end randomly to bring Billy back to life like bitch where where you this whole time we could have used your help ya know? and this happens like 4 minutes after all the action has taken place by the way, so it looks like WW really could have helped.

And come to think about it why the fuck could Supes not just fly over from Metropolis once he saw some weird dome thing had been placed over a large section of Philly by some ancient gods? Clarke Kent is a fucking reporter ffs he should have been up to date on current world events.

And yes, one of the kids turns out to be gay because it is 2023, they probably drew straws in the writers office to see what one of the lesser side kids would be the gay one for inclusion and the fat kid got the short straw. He is actually now fat, Mexican AND gay so he is actually carrying the torch for inclusion!!

so, Anne seemed shocked when it turns out Freddy was one of the super heros…..really? the fact that he walked off screen and then the hero turned up really did fool you?? 6,000 year old godess……

and did the wizard leave to start a new life as a pimp at the end? I had zoned out by then and at that point was just trying to masturbate every time Anne was on screen, the guy sitting behind me in the cinema was not happy but fuck him i paid 11.50

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It's now on my list of 'must see'

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I would really like to see this movie myself now. I think it sounds fun.