Classic TV: The 40s : 'The Aldrich Family' TV series (1949-53)

'The Aldrich Family' TV series (1949-53)

I am wondering if any kinescopes of this program exist. I ask bcasue I have one episode on a DVD-R (the episode came with 4 other DVD-R's of another 40's TV program "The Goldbergs"-which all came from a seller on ioffer a few years ago).

The episode aired 6/18/50 on NBC and is from the first season of the show. The plot concerns the lead character, Henry Aldrich, not getting invited to a costume party which his sister has been invited to. It does have two of the actors from the radio series (House Jameson as Mr. Aldrich, and Jackie Kelk as Henry's best friend Homer Brown), so it is great fun to see what those two actors looked like.

I've always wished to see more episodes of this series and since at least one existed on kinescope there's always hope there might be more.

By the way, I've read Paul Newman played an occasional role in the last season (1952-53) and that Tippi Hedren played an extra on the show in 1951.

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I remember The Aldrich Family on radio.

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I remember watching this show fairly regularly although I was very, very young - i.e., 3 years old to 5 years old or so.

I remember one episode where Henry Aldrich had been buying dog food to get enough labels to apply for a contest. They didn't have a dog so he kept putting the opened dog food into the ice box.

The father gets hungry and looks for something to eat. He finds the dog food and not only eats it but likes it. He encourages Henry to make the slogan contest "Buy it for your dog because your father loves it" or something like that.

I, too, would love to see some of THE ALDRICH FAMILY episodes.

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hmm, that sounds like an *incredibly* idiotic script! I don't remember any of the radio Aldrich Family episodes being anything as lame as that idea!

At least the one TV episode that I have is a halfway decent script (about Henry not getting invited to a costume party that his sister did get invited to).

I too, would love to see more episodes of the TV version of The Aldrich Family.