Classic TV : TV shows you thought were from different countries

TV shows you thought were from different countries

Any TV shows you thought were British but were American or Aussie or shows you thought were Aussie but were British or British shows you thought were American?

Father Ted is the obvious "I thought it was Irish" one but if it was Irish, it would have had a stilted atmosphere, as RTE don't really have comedy directors (ironic considering Ted director Dermot Lowney began directing shows such as the 88 Eurovision for Telly Eireann).

Other shows
A lot of dubbed anime can cause problems. I thought the Cardiff-based dub of the Moomins from the 90s was North American because of Garrick Hagon and an American accent-using Susan Sheridan as main voices.
The Thorn Birds - one of those shows you actually think is Aussie until you watch it and see that only two characters have Aussie accents.
I used to be confused whether Daktari was British or American having bought a Corgi tie-in at a toy fair. Its safari setting for some reason made me think the former.

There is the phenomenon of Canada Does Not Exist" which is different from US network shows made in Canada, eg X Files as those are set in the US quite blatantly. Canada Does Not Exist is when Canadian shows try deliberately not to mention where they are set, ie fictional towns, "the city", try to use generic legal terms such as "prosecutor" rather than attorney, no shots of money. A lot of Canadian films are the same, e.g. the original My Bloody Valentine with its generic "police officer", yet clearly Canadian, with Moosehead beer and the atmosphere of an episode of the Beachcombers or the irony of the Fly 1986, which Canadian-made seems to be set in Canada, until we see US dollars, ironic that the original The Fly was set in Montreal but shot in Hollywood.

And that most American of stories, Huckleberry Finn and his Friends was a Canadian and German co-production.

1987 Max Headroom series was technically a British production, but filmed in LA.

Re: TV shows you thought were from different countries

Harrow is a crime drama written like it's a US procedural show, starring a Welshman with an English accent and set in Queensland, Australia.

Lucifer is another procedural crime show starring a different Welshmen with an English accent set in Los Angeles but mostly filmed in Vancouver.

Oddly enough The Thorn Birds miniseries that you mention was all filmed in the US

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