Monsters : Stop letting this board idle!

Stop letting this board idle!

Monster fans! We are legion! Don't just post on Sci-Fi or Horror, because they're more active boards.

Post to the Monster board, where we should be sharing our opinions on the monsters we love and hate!

I can't pick a single favorite monster, because I love ALL monsters (even my uncle). I will offer one up, though, for comments and discussion:

Katadin, the giant mutant bear from 'Prophecy' (1979). When I first started posting on IMDb about fifteen years ago (don't bother looking; that account is long gone...), somebody referred to her as 'Inside-Out Bear.'

Don't make me show up at your house and drive you to the Monster board! We love monsters, and we should be talking about them, here!

Thank you for your support.

- Crazy. All crazy but I'm.

Quick bits: Favorite Monster/Creature?

I usually don't like to start topics, because I've so much work to deal with, but enjoy chipping in when reading interesting or insanely humorous posts. That, and I'm not normally thinking of new thread material anyways with my 30 minutes of leisure time during breaks. But, I agree that this board tends to lag continuously. I know there's plenty of monster fanatics out there amongst the horror, sci-fi, and Godzilla boards....but perhaps what we need is some film intervention and movie news?

-What's up with Godzilla Resurgence, it's nearing the release date, and there's hardly any updates or pressers on it as of yet??

-Anybody anticipating if the shark movie Meg will be any good, I heard Eli Roth dropped out, but Statham and Bingbing Fan are still slated to star in it? The premise certainly appeals to me, well, just about any shark film does....

That Prophecy bear, ohh, he takes the cake. I don't know who takes the prettier pictures though, between him, the Mutated dog in The Fly II, or the half-assimilated Husky form of The Thing? I'd add Freddy Krueger's face, but those are just burns, so it's not as genuine as the others, lol. The inside-out bear meets the inside-out dogs, why hasn't someone photoshopped that delightful trio into a happy group shot?

Well, my fave creature/monster (besides Godzilla) would have to be either the giant mutant ants from the movie THEM!, or Mr. Jenkins from the Willies. Both just off the top of my head, totally unheralded picks you know.... If I really put some thought into it, I could probably name a few more. Always liked the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Gwangi dino, but they probably already get too much love. Same for those darn pesky Killer Klowns!


Re: Quick bits: Favorite Monster/Creature?

Ah, ancient 'Gwangi;' the purple T-Rex. The sequence of Gwangi vs the elephant was one of Harryhausen's best sequencest. Check out that movie's IMDb board; viewers are still objecting, just because it looked so realistic.

'Them!' ants were pretty good, believable monsters. but I think 'Kingdom of the Ants' had better f/x.

What did you think of 'Night of the Lepus?'

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Re: Quick bits: Favorite Monster/Creature?

I still have nightmares about those fiendish nibbling chompers to this day. Ridiculous movie, but oh so fun! Am still waiting for the sequel though.

Re: Quick bits: Favorite Monster/Creature?

Don't think we'll ever get another 'Lepus.' Deforest Kelley and William Shatner had their 'Star Trek' characters revived by 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture.'

- Crazy. All crazy but I'm.