Joe : So how long before….

So how long before….

...the cops arrested Joe and Bill?

Despite Joe's opinion that they may have made it "clean", there were those two girls that could identify them.

While the police may have jumped to an easy "drug dealer killing" in the case of the boyfriend, the 9 bodies left at the commune meant a high profile case.

Bill's wife would have got at the truth or made sure the cops did.

Re: So how long before….

And that is not taking into account:

- Mr Compton going ahead and shooting Joe, or
- Mr Compton turning the gun on himself, or
- turning himself in to the cops.

It's funny that Peter Boyle wrote a screenplay called CITIZEN JOE, which would have been released by Cannon Films in the mid 1980's, where Joe gets out after a 10 year stint (?!) in prison, only to have to deal with his grown up liberal children.

Which is kind of funny that Peter would think that Joe would only get 10 years for going to a house with guns (showing intent) and gunning down at least 6 people in cold blood.

Re: So how long before….

I felt empathy for Bill. It wasn't an act of murder on Bill's part, it was involuntary manslaughter. He genuinely felt remorse for killing the drug dealer.

Yea, the nine bodies would have been too much for anybody and would have gone national on the news.

The two girls would have talked and probably Bill's wife too. It's quite probable that Bill himself would have turned himself in at some point.

Since Joe started the mass shooting, he would probably be given the max which if the state allowed would no doubt be the death penalty.

Bill, if he turned himself in and bore witness against Joe would probably be given life in prison without the possibility of parole.

There are going to be groups of people you are not going to like or understand and you may well end up hating them. There is a heck of a difference between that and actually shooting some of them.

Plus, shooting some of them isn't going to make the rest of them go away, you really haven't solved anything, except make the world a much sadder place.