Monsters : Silent Retreat (2013)

Silent Retreat (2013)

If you like movies about wayward young women being sent to a behavioral modification camp retreat, operated by a sinister counselor who feeds undesirables to something living in the woods, then you might dig this one.

I on the other hand found it more lame than bad 4/10.

Re: Silent Retreat (2013)

It don't seem terribly interesting, but you've really got a talent for synopses.

- What are you gonna do, when the world catches on?

Re: Silent Retreat (2013)

It started off pretty good as a kind of mystery flick with weird going on's & hints of something terrible but then it sort of deadens out for too long before they get to the meat of the story.

It's not a bad flick just to slow for my tastes... and the creature fx was about average or less.