Late Night with Seth Meyers : Seth and Donald

Seth and Donald

You can guarantee Seth will have a stupid comment on Donald - usually the first boring joke (April fools - Donald Trump). When Trump is eliminated he can talk about the new president's weight (Hillary) - estimated at 275 lbs

Re: Seth and Donald

NBC Sucks!! Seth Meyers is a moron. They are so politically far left they have lost their minds and forgot they were supposed to be funny and that more than half of their viewers are independent or republican. I am a registered independent that voted for Bill Clinton. I am so disgusted by the one sided propaganda on television (especially NBC). I am never watching NBC again. They are truly one sided brain washed lunatics. I will still try to keep an open mind when I vote but watching Seth, Jimmy, and other programs has disgusted me so much about the party that I have been pushed away from the party. There are many options for tv now. I'm surprised they are not smart enough to know they are turning off viewers.