Sex and the City : Season 5 the worst?

Season 5 the worst?

I always thought so; anyone else agree? That whole story arc with Berger was such a throwaway. The only part of Season 5 that was memorable for me was Bobby Fine & Bitsy's wedding ("I Love a Charade"). Nathan Lane is always a treat to watch. "Is that all there is?..." :)

Re: Season 4 the worst?

That's series 5 not 4

Re: Season 4 the worst?

Oops, I confused my SATC references! Yes, I meant Season 5, thank you! :)

Re: Season 4 the worst?

5 is the worst by most standards. But I personally love seasons 4-6 the most. I feel the last 3 seasons were a lot more fun than the first 3.

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