Epic and Disaster : Rank + Rate 'Em: The '04-'05 Battle Epics

Rank + Rate 'Em: The '04-'05 Battle Epics

After the release and success of Gladiator studios started greenlighting other costume dramas and epics really fast. While you could include some others like The Last Samurai and 300 (though those were generally more well received and released outside of the period in question) there in particular was a year that saw the release of four large scale sword epic battle films set in the old world. Between May 2004 and May 2005 we saw the release of Troy, King Arthur, Alexander, and Kingdom of Heaven. Each was released to either a mixed or negative reception, with many blaming the genre's demise on either perceived poor quality or just over-saturation. But each has also managed to find a following. Particular with Extended/Director's Cut versions released on home video that are widely believed to have improved the films over their theatrical counterparts. And since this is the board that is (in part) devoted to the epic I thought it would be interesting to pose the question to rank and rate these four films, given those similarities I mentioned before to just gauge how each film fairs with the users of this board.

Re: Rank + Rate 'Em: The '04-'05 Battle Epics

1. Alexander
2. Troy
3. King Arthur
4. Kingdom of Heaven

I like all of these films and wish more were made.

Alexander is definitely my favorite though even though funny enough, it was the only one I didn't see in the theater.

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