Black Widow : Quality Movie

Quality Movie

I just got done watching this at home and really enjoyed it.

Typically, when I watch films there isn't enough going on to keep me locked in, so I read the internet, paint, talk on here, etc. But, there was a lot going on in this film and it was very fast paced. Someone was always doing something or saying something and I had to pay attention.

At times I was gritting my teeth because I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen next.

There was also a LOT of complex dialogue about family rejection, being used, and being seen as a kind of joke to people you thought were important to you. So, there was a strong psychological message to parts of the film.

Marvel has some good writers. I am watching Loki and that's well written and paced excellently.

These are well done fantasy/action films.

There was some stupid humor though. I DO NOT like the fat cop from Strange Things and he was in this. His character was supposed to be a Soviet Captain American but he was a buffoon which does not fit the theme.

Also, he's an ugly fat guy and how does he get so many parts?

Also, they ruined a GREAT villain named Taskmaster. In the comics, he's a mutant who can mimic superhero fighting styles and moves. Here, it was a dumb character.

Other than those complaints, I enjoyed it a lot.