Monsters : Pumpkinhead fans?

Pumpkinhead fans?

Any "Pumpkinhead" fans here? Personally, I'm a huge fan of the first film (not so much the others) and awhile ago I posted some threads over on the Pumpkinhead board containing info on the film/character and what not. Since IMDb will soon be going the way of Ed Harley I thought I'd post the links to those threads here for anyone who may have missed them or are interested in reading them.

The first one offers up some info regarding the 1993 Dark Horse comic miniseries which was written by the original films writers Mark Patrick Carducci and Gary Gerani.

In the second link I go over some key differences between an early version of the script and the final film. It's kinda interesting to how the story evolved into what we see play out on screen.

In the third Gary Gerani talks about a Pumpkinhead TV series he once proposed to the Syfy channel.



Re: Pumpkinhead fans?

I have the action figure.

- Oh, SOMEbody asides me is gonna RUE this here particular day...

Re: Pumpkinhead fans?

Mcfarlane or Sota? The Mcfarlane figure is really cool, but the Sota is far mor accurate and I highly recommend it if you're into those sort of things. Also, the life size bust is a GREAT item as well.

Here's are some photos from my collection.....

Sota Pumpkinhead

Sota - Mcfarlane size comparison....

Life size bust....

Re: Pumpkinhead fans?

Macfarlane Movie Maniacs series. Wow. That SOTA (I don't know what SOTA is) figure is incredible. I shudder to think what one would have to pay for that big dude today, let alone for the life-sized bust.

- Oh, SOMEbody asides me is gonna RUE this here particular day...