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Pacino's Best Acting

Because he's not doing the typical, over-the-top Pacino. This is just the core essentials and he's awesome at it.

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This is one of those movies that i can't watch in one sitting because the emotions presented through Pacino's paranoia are so strong that they leap of the screen. Incredibly impressive film-making. It's actually too much vicarious emotion for me to experience in one viewing. Just as good in this remake as the original film. Kudos to all involved in both productions.

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Indeed. Everybody was on their A-game for this one.

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At this point, everything I see with Al Pacino is the same almost. His expressions, his voice, that skull-like face.

I did not think he was a great fit for this role, but he did OK.

The movie was interesting to me because it was a bit more believable that the average movie where nothing ever affects the so-called hero. Imagine if you shot your partner under those circumstances ... I doubt anyone would get any sleep, and you would not know what to do ... especially when someone strongly suggests that bad guy shot him.

That was a clever plot twist that I have been seen before and it was done well.

They need to find a way to make Pacino look different. There is no way he looks like a cop. He looks like an Italian oldman playboy, with the leather jacket and sunglasses ... that's just stupid.

Also ... a guy of Pacino's age cannot jump over a fence like that, and probably would have died under those logs.

Anyway ... it was a decent movie, he did a good job.

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Well, he is of Italian descent. Not sure if putting in blue contacts and giving him blond hair is going to work that well. There is only so much you can do.

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blue contacts and giving him blond hair

Nope. I love him just the way he is. I can't take a blonde guy seriously. Like ever.

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Well ok. How about lets hear who you would have preferred to act the role. Catch my drift? Anyone who criticizes pachino is an uncultured peasant. Same goes for Jack Nicholson and Joe Pesci

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I actually love over-the-top Pacino, and I loved his hammier moments in this movie, too. Whether he's doing it or not, however, he's always great.

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Agreed, he's the original Samuel Jackson, you feel robbed if he doesn't scream & yell, which is a shame, given his early films he's clearly capable of so much more than what people like me want...which is Scent of a Woman rants

"Few people understand the psychology of dealing with a highway traffic cop."

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Thoroughly enjoy Pacino in the flick... not even in his top-5 best performances though.

Based on your post, I'm sure you love Al in The Insider too.