Girls Gone Wild on Campus 2 : No black girls?

No black girls?

Why are there never ever black girls on GGW videos? I've watched several (like 7 or 8) and not one black girl.

Re: No black girls?

You'd be hard pressed to find a drunk enough black girl who will flash her tits at you let alone one who is drunk enough to take a swing at you.

Re: No black girls?

Black girls are acting like whores around other black folk. Trust me, black chicks are some of the nastiest girls around, they will screw at the drop of a hat.

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Re: No black girls?

bc black girls are ugly. also to include them would be manufactured bc they only make up 6% of the us population, black girls. and we never see saudi arabian girls in these videos or indian girls in these videos even though they make up probably the same percentage in the us as black girls.


Re: No black girls?

This and they don't really go to college as much. So you won't find them "on campus"

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Re: No black girls?

Dude, you're racist. Not all black girls are ugly and I happen to think Halle Berry is still gorgeous!

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