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My script

I have written a script, and I was wondering if anyone could help me. It is about an Iranian family whose members face difficulties in USA after they had to leave their country because of the revolution.

Can anyone help me send it to the right people? It's very difficult for me to communicate with them since I live in Iran.

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Try where (for a small fee) you can submit your script to festivals

Or you might want to try who accept scripts

Hope this helps

Re: My script

You might try to look up literary agents and contact them and see if they will read your script, and represent you. They will know how to go about it.


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My Script submission , solve it

Have there any responsible studio website, where I can submit my script, which make a popular writer, whereas above mentioned website are not responding my script, and is IMDB pro give some oppertunity of submission of script on credential bases?...

THANKS from your cooperation