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My Marvel Pathfinder Story

For those who don't know what Pathfinder is, it's D&D but slightly different (kind of?) Anyway, my character is the son of Captain America and Black Widow, and I've written a little about my character and the universe they come from.

Hi. My name is Bucky Clint Rogers. I am the son of Captain America and Black Widow, 2 of the greatest super solider Avengers the world has ever seen. I know. You’re probably confused. On your Earth, you’ve heard the story differently. How my mother sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone to help defeat Thanos, how my dad went back to the 1940s to live out his life with his WWII sweetheart Peggy. (Which by the way, means that during the declassified incident known as “Civil War”, means he was kissing his niece, Sharon. Yeah, I read those documents. Ew.) Anyway, the way it happened on my Earth was a little bit different. Let’s start with what on your Earth is known as the story of “The Winter Soldier.” So, yeah. My parents took out a bunch of HYDRA agents that had hijacked a boat, mom stole their intel, and long story short, my parents found an old HYDRA base where the scientist known as Dr. Zola had put his consciousness into a computer, and for years had secretly been planting HYDRA agents inside SHIELD. Well, when my parents found out, so did the HYDRA moles, so they had to go on the run. Mom told me that during this mission, she had kissed dad to make the HYDRA agents uncomfortable with their PDA, and as much as dad denied it…he kind of liked it. Now, that’s about as far as the romance goes on your Earth, but on my Earth, it led to something more. When the Civil War happened, mom fought right alongside dad against Tony Stark and his followers. After Stark was arrested, they thought we could all live in peace. They celebrated with a big wedding, and thought that was the end….well…they were wrong. You see, Stark has a lot of money. Like, a LOOOOOOOT of money. So of course, his company bailed him out and he went right back to what he did best. Making weapons. Deadly weapons. Deadly robots. He bought this company called SKYNET, and built these robot soldiers called the T-1000s, or as we call them, Terminators. He also built his own robot minions Vision and Ultron. What, you thought Vision and Tony were the heroes of this story? Oh, you have so much to learn. On my Earth we call him “Iron Menace.” Well, eventually, I came along. My childhood consisted of the usual school activities. Reading, writing, math, science, and war training. What, war training isn’t part of your school classes? I was taught how to shoot guns, throw knives, be stealthy. I was taught Russian, German, etc. Basically, I’m the best version of both my parents. Unfortunately, that also means I’ve made a few enemies. You see, my mom’s fellow Avenger, Clint Barton, was actually in love with her. So, when she ended up with my dad, Steve, well, he was jealous. He became a villain known as Dark Hawk, and went to Japan and killed a bunch of people. I don’t know why or how he thought this would make mom like him. He sees me with all my training and sharpshooting skills as what he could have had, so he greatly detests me.

Let’s cut to a few years later to the next important point of this story: How I met my girlfriend, Wanda Maximoff. It was late at night, and I heard what I thought was somebody breaking in, so I grabbed my dad’s shield and went downstairs. I could definitely take someone on if I needed to. I had great martial arts training. I could probably take on at least 10 guys if the time came. I went downstairs, expecting danger, and there was a girl there. I didn’t recognize her. But she recognized me. “BUCKY!” she shouted.

“Um…do I know you?’’ I asked. “No,” said Wanda. “But I know you. Your parents are the coolest Avengers. I have admired you for such a long time. I’ve been following your missions for quite some time, and I just had to meet you.” Yeah, she was a total fangirl. But I figured if I was going to have a stalker, at least it was a superhero stalker and not someone crazy like the Jester. (But we’ll get to him later.) “Not to sound rude or anything”, I asked “but how exactly did you get in here. The security system should be going off like crazy.” “Oh,” said Wanda ‘I used a transportation spell to get here. I can basically get into anywhere I want.” “So, you decided you wanted to meet me.” I said. ‘What is your name?” “My name is Wanda. But to everyone else I’m the Scarlet Witch.” Well, over the years, my friendship, and eventually romance with Wanda grew. We even went to the same high school; Sky High, the school for superheroes. That’s also where I met my best friend Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, aka the Ghost Spider. You see, Peter and Gwen went on a field trip to this science lab, and that’s where these scientists were building these genetically altered super spiders. 2 of them escaped, and bit Peter and Gwen. And that’s how they got their powers. Peter is just so fun to hang out with. He’s so cool and funny, you know? He’s like a brother I never had. We had some crazy times together. I had a good life. Parents who loved me, a girlfriend who loved me, and the coolest friends I could ask for…..and then in an instant, it all came crashing down. Thanks to the Mad Titan, Thanos…..but I need to backtrack a bit from my story. Now I need to tell you about another important person in this incident: James Howlett, aka, Silver Wolverine. The son of Wolverine and Silver Fox. The government is very anti-mutant, and they captured him and put him in a mutant prison. What they didn’t know is he had been trained by all the most powerful mutants in the world. Sabretooth, Deadpool, Magneto, Mystique, among others. Breaking out was quite easy for him. He knows literally every style of martial arts in the world, and even invented a few styles of his own. Nobody messes with him who doesn’t regret it.

And now we come to the Battle of Wakanda. Remember that jerk Thanos I mentioned earlier? Yeah, here’s where he comes into play. Thanos got it in his head that resources and the planet itself was finite, and that by eliminating half of all life on Earth with these things called Infinity Stones, it would bring balance back. Why he didn’t just use the stones to create more resources, I’ll never know. We thought we could win. We thought we could beat him. We had the Avengers, the X-Men and several teamless heroes like Ghost Rider on our side. I still have nightmares to this day about what happened next. Loki came charging in with Stormbreaker (Yes, Loki. You read that right. Your hero Thor, the god of Thunder. Yeah, he’s a jerk where I’m, from. Not exactly a hero, and certainly not worthy to lift Mjolnir. All my Thor cares about is eating, drinking, and being merry. Odin really did not raise this kid right.) Anyway, Loki came charging in with Stormbreaker, and hit Thanos in the gut.

“I told you…you’d die today”, said Loki. Thanos, between gasps said “You… should have gone… should have gone for the head.” and cackled wickedly as he snapped. The next thing I remember, I saw both my parents disappear. I looked around. Several of the heroes were turning into dust as well. I heard a voice say “Bucky…..I don’t…I don’t feel so good.” I turned around and there was Spider-Man. He collapsed on the ground and with pleading eyes looked at me and Ghost Spider. “Please…Bucky…Gwen…I don’t…I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go.” and then he turned to dust. Ghost Spider began to cry just as she dusted as well. I raced over to Wanda. She collapsed and started gasping for air. “Oh no! No”, I screamed. “I just lost my parents, Peter, and Gwen. I can’t lose you too.” “It’s ok, Bucky.” she said. “It’s ok.” and then she disappeared as well. I was inconsolable. Suddenly, I felt a jolt of energy shoot through my body. “Bucky Rogers,” a deep voice said “I am a symbiote from the planet Klyntar. Listen to me closely. Do not be afraid. I’m here to help you. You just lost everyone you love. I am here to protect you. Embrace me. Let me in.” I had a good feeling about this symbiote thing, so I listened to reason. It covered me in an armor that was red, white, and blue. “What is your name?”, I asked the symbiote. “We don’t really have names on my planet. Just symbiote types.” I said “Well how about I call you….Patriot?” The symbiote thought for a moment and then said “Patriot….I like it.” I heard a voice on my earpiece. “What are the casualties?” “James!” I said to Silver Wolverine. ‘’ I just saw my parents, Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, and Scarlet Witch all disappear.” The next thing I heard was a furious Silver Wolverine yelling at Thanos. “You heartless monster. You murdered youth!” “A necessary sacrifice for a better universe”, said Thanos. “I have a zero-tolerance policy for people who hurt women and children, and you just hurt both, so yeah, I’m pretty ticked.” The next thing I heard was a SNIKT sound, and saw that Thanos had been decapitated. “What did you do?’’ said Loki. Silver Wolverine smugly said “I went for the head.” and lit his cigar, burning Thanos’ ashes. Seems like the end of the story, right? Thanos was defeated. Yes, but at a cost. Everyone I cared about was still gone, presumably forever. The people in my universe still had to piece themselves together. Peter’s aunt May took me in, and insisted I keep attending Sky High to keep a sense of normalcy. Well, after a few days, I decided to ditch. I instead went to visit the smartest people in the world. Professor X, Doctor Strange, and Mr. Fantastic. I asked Doctor Strange if there was any possible way of him using magic to bring people back. After all, years ago, he had used his magic to reverse the surgeries KGB had done to mom all those years ago that prevented her from having kids, so in a way, I would not exist without him. “I’m sorry, but no spell can bring people back from the dead. It’s like what the Ancient One told me years ago. Death is what gives life meaning.” “Please, isn’t there any way? I’m a wreck!” I pleaded. “Well, it’s possible, but it would mean leaving this dimension.” said Strange. “That’s fine. There’s nothing here for me now anymore anyway.” I said. Strange looked through different universes. “I’m searching for a universe for you where Cap, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Gwen, and Wanda are all still alive….Let’s see…here’s a universe where your old man is a Nazi, so I’m going to assume no on that one. Here’s one where your girlfriend is a villain, so I’m going to guess no on that too. Hmmm…. here’s an Earth. Earth number 19-9999. Everyone is still alive, and still a hero.” “Yes! I’ll take that one.” I said. “Ok”, said Strange. He threw me through the portal, and after a few minutes I landed near Avengers tower. “Alright.”, I said to myself. “Let’s do this!”. As I started to walk towards Avengers tower, a voice behind me said “ I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.” I turned around, and it was Silver Wolverine. Or at least, this Earth’s version of Silver Wolverine. “Why not?’’, I asked. Silver Wolverine said “Well, folks ‘round here ain’t exactly familiar with interdimensional travel.” He must have seen me come through the portal. “I reckon you go in there, you’re looking for trouble.” “But they’re Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”, I said. “What danger can I possibly be in? Besides, even with the small chance of danger, I’ve got my symbiote to protect me.’’ “Well,” said Silver Wolverine, “at least let me come with you to protect you.” It was quite a walk to Avengers Tower. I looked around and there was quite a lot of crime. I stopped at least 2 robberies on my way there. I guess the Snap happened in this dimension, too. It was making people do crazy stuff. I came to the entrance of the tower. I could see next to me this Earth’s version of Nebula. She was either leaving her ship or repairing it. “Let me do the talking” said Silver Wolverine. He buzzed the intercom and a woman’s voice asked “What do you want, James?” “Well, you see, Nat, I've got this kid here, says he knows you. Can you let us in.” Nat. He must have meant this Earth’s version of my mom. Mom thought for a minute and said “Alright.” She buzzed us in. I looked around and this Avengers Tower was pretty much exactly like the one from my Earth. I saw mom and went to greet her and she said “Woah, there kid. I think you have me confused with someone else. I never had any kids.” “Of course you did,” I said. “You and Steve, er, Cap, er, Captain Rogers, er Captain America have been raising me for the past 15 years.” “Ok, kid. I know that’s a lie. Steve and I are just friends, and I can’t even have kids. Who sent you? HYDRA? AIM? Why are you really here?” “Just hear the kid out” said Silver Wolverine. “Alright”, said Black Widow. “How about a blood test? That will determine whether or not you’re telling the truth.” “Sure,” I said. “I’ve got nothing to hide.” I let her take the blood, and analyze it. While we were waiting for the results, she asked me “How old are you, kid?” “15”, I replied.” “Well, then it doesn’t make any sense for you to be my kid, since I haven’t even known Steve for 15 years.” The results came back. “Hmmm….” she looked at me suspiciously. “The computer is showing some weird results. Your DNA isn’t even from this Earth, and you’ve got what appears to be some kind of symbiote!’” Patriot. Oh. Crap. I forgot about Patriot. Black Widow pulled out two pistols and started to fire. “Patriot! Protect me!” I yelled. Patriot gave me armor and I raised up my shield. “Cap’s shield!” said Black Widow. “Where did you get that?” “Mom! He gave it to me! You’ve got to believe me.” “You’re a thief and a liar, and stop calling me mom!” She continued to fire while I continued to deflect each shot with my shield and Patriot. “Kid!’’ yelled Silver Wolverine, “We’ve got to get out of here, or you’ll be dead.” I ran with Silver Wolverine to his private jet and we took off. “Where are we going?” I asked. “My private base in Alaska,” said Silver Wolverine. It was going to be a long flight, so I decided to ask him some questions. “I recognize you from my Earth, but that’s not possible. You didn’t know who I was when we met.” “I’m Silver Wolverine. My archenemy, Alexander the Terrible sent me back in time. I hid caveman treasures, pirate treasure, and when I got back to my time “found” those treasures and sold them for a huge profit. I was captured by the government and Tony Stark rescued me.” “What?!” I said. “Stark’s a good guy in your universe? In my universe we call him Iron Menace.” I explained about Skynet and all that and also explained how Stark’s wife, Pepper, had been infected with a drug called Extremis which made her crazy. She loved the power it gave her. Their daughter Morgan grew up and was now being trained to lead Skynet as well. On my Earth, Black Panther’s sister works for AIM. “Wow!” said Silver Wolverine. “Your universe is scary! All the world’s smartest people, and they’re all villains.” “Well, not all of them”, I said. “Dr. Strange is good, Professor X is good, you’re good.” “Ah.” said Silver Wolverine. “So, when you went back in time I assume you saw the dinosaurs? What were they like?’ I asked. “Kid,” said Silver Wolverine, “if you like dinosaurs, you are going to love our base. I got all kinds of dinosaurs and pre-historic animals. I bonded with them. It’s true of every animal. You bond with them, and they won’t hurt you. You’ve just got to train them right, and respect them. Now, one of the disadvantages of having lived in all these time periods…I’ve made a lot of enemies….but I’ve also made a lot of friends, too.” I looked out the window and saw probably the most run-down, awful, disgusting city, I’d ever seen. “Welcome to Gothica.” said Silver Wolverine. ‘Where getting robbed at gunpoint at least 3 times a week is our main tourist attraction.” We landed, and sure enough, what Silver Wolverine said about the dinosaurs was true. I was greeted by 3 raptors. They left me alone, thank goodness. “Welcome to Wolf Manor”, said Silver Wolverine. The place was HUGE! His butler greeted us and I followed Silver Wolverine down to a secret passage. “This is the Wolf Den”, he explained. What we saw on the huge computer monitor terrified me. The Avengers had already but a bounty out on us. “Well, we’re in trouble” I said. I heard a noise. Somebody was here. “Do you hear that?” I asked. “Somebody is here.” “Yeah, I hear it”, said Silver Wolverine. “Ninjas. Thanks to my wolf powers, I can hear stuff like that. How did you hear it?” “My symbiote gives me heightened hearing” I explained. We hastily exited the Wolf Den, and I saw a Middle Eastern woman. “Hello, my love” she said to Silver Wolverine. “Tamina. What are you doing here?” said Silver Wolverine. “I’m here to take you back, my love. I’ve got trained ninjas on the roof who will attack if you refuse.” “Who’s this?” I asked. “Ex-girlfriend” said Silver Wolverine. Tamina pulled out a blade and was about to attack, when Silver Wolverine whistled. I saw other heroes come out of various parts of the mansion. There was an archer, a man that looked like Silver Wolverine but with a blue wolf crest on his chest, a woman who had a purple wolf outfit, another, older woman who had a red wolf outfit, a guy who looked a bit like Deadpool, but sort of different, more orange-ish, who I later learned was named Death Toll, a black woman who was hacking into the computer, a lady who had a white wolf costume, a kid around my age who had a fox outfit, and a blue woman. ‘Do you really think you can take us all on?” said Silver Wolverine. “Don’t underestimate me, my love” said Tamina. The blue woman said “Call him “my love’’ one more time and you’ll have to fight me hand to hand, and we both know you’ll lose that fight. I’m his girlfriend now. Deal with it.” “And who are you?” asked Tamina. “The name’s Mystique.” Tamina called off the fight. “Well, you’re going to be trapped here for a while anyway. HYDRA, AIM, and other organizations are looking to collect the bounty on you.” She left, and Silver Wolverine said, “Well, I might as well introduce you to the team. We’ll do that over dinner.” I entered the banquet hall, and Silver Wolverine’s butler had prepared the most exquisite meal I’d ever seen. The banquet hall kind of reminded me of Hogwarts. We all sat down, and Silver Wolverine said, ‘Oh no, kid. This isn’t everyone.” 3 giant robots entered. One yellow one (Bumblebee), a silver one (Jazz), and a blue and red one (Optimus Prime). “Transformers at the end of the table.” said Silver Wolverine. Then 5 giant turtles and a rat entered. “The rat is Splinter. He taught them to be ninja teens. The turtle in the blue mask is Leonardo. He’s the leader. The purple mask is Donatello. He does machines. The red mask is Rapheal. He’s cool but rude. And the orange one is Michelangelo. He’s a party dude. The female turtle in the blue mask is Venus De Milo. She was found separately by another ninja master, but eventually met these other 4, and here they are now.” ‘Cool. But why the masks? How many giant turtle ninjas are there in NYC?” “I think it’s just so they can tell each other apart.” said Silver Wolverine. Then a ninja came in. “Snake Eyes!” said Silver Wolverine. “Good to see you again.’’ A woman I recognized walked into the room. It was Scarlet from the team GI Joe. I’ve got to back up a bit. You see, Scarlet and mom were trained together. The Black Widow and the Scarlet Widow. Scarlet was recruited by GI Joe and mom went to SHIELD, but they still teamed up on missions on occasion. “So….” said Silver Wolverine, “who’s here just so they can collect the bounty?” Death Toll raised his hand, but quickly and sheepishly put it down when Silver Wolverine got his claws out. We were about to enjoy our meal when Patriot sensed something. I looked on the roof, and there were a bunch of guys up there. I alerted Silver Wolverine, just as the ceiling was shattered. About 50 guys in clown masks invaded, and then this really crazy clown man landed on the table. ‘Hello, brother!” he said to Silver Wolverine. “I’m not your brother, Jester. You’re just my crazy clone.” “Now, now. That’s just hurtful” said Jester. The clowns started to fire. I got out my pistol and shield and fired at a few. I was doing pretty well, but one clown from the side shot my pistol but of my hand. I punched that dude in the face. When the battle was over, Jester was still standing on the table. Silver Wolverine hadn’t gotten up. He was just sitting like nothing happened. “Well, brother?” said Jester “Aren't you going to fight me?” Silver Wolverine took off his tuxedo (he was entertaining us, after all. He had to have formal wear), and started fighting Jester. He took his claws out and just went berserk on him. Just as he was about to deliver the final blow, he hesitated. Jester laughed. “That’s what I like about you, brother. You’ll never kill me because of your ethics code, and I’ll never kill you because you’re too much fun to mess with. You capture me, I go to jail, I escape. We’re destined to do this ‘dances with wolves’ forever. You didn’t even notice I’m not even in the building.” That’s when Silver Wolverine realized the truth. He put his claws through Jester’s head. It was actually a robot. Raphael said “Do you think he knew?” Leonardo replied “Of course he knew. He never would have killed him if he were real.” Silver Wolverine got up and said “Alright, everyone. Back to dinner.”

The next morning, I awoke and got ready for the day. I put on my 1940s style clothing. When my dad was thawed out of the ice, everyone in this century praised him as this great war hero, and they started wanting to dress like him. Mostly the hipsters. It was fun trying to explain to dad what hipsters are. I sat down to breakfast, and everyone from the night before was there. Silver Wolverine said ‘Alright, everyone. We need a plan to protect this kid.” Death Toll asked ‘Why? Why can’t I just collect the bounty?’’ “Because,” said Silver Wolverine “this kid knows how to kill Thanos.” “WHAT?!” everyone asked. “Yeah. And just for the record”, said Silver Wolverine “in this kid’s dimension, I’m the one who killed Thanos, so yeah, I’m awesome.” “So why is this kid here in our universe?” asked Death Toll. “Well,” I explained, “because this is the only universe where my mother, Black Widow, and my father, Captain America are still alive.” “But you realize that in this universe, they are not your parents, right?” said Fox. “Yeah, I know that,” I said. “When I tried to explain that to this universe’s version of my mom, she tried to kill me.” “Look, kid” said Michaelangelo, “you seem like a good kid. You like pizza”, he said as he gestured to my breakfast, which was in fact pizza, (hey, it’s not that weird, ok!), “ and I trust anyone who likes pizza, so I’m here to help protect you.” “Hello, young man,” said the giant rat. “My name is Hamato Yoshi, but you can call me sensei or Master Splinter. If one of my sons is willing to protect you, then so am I.” “Alright,” said Silver Wolverine. “Let’s go out into the backyard and start training.” The backyard was huge. About half the length of a football field, maybe longer. We saw a helicarrier land in the backyard, and out stepped Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster armor, Thor, Captain Marvel, and a raccoon, who I assumed is this universe’s version of Rocket. He’s a rabbit in my universe. “James,” Captain America said to Silver Wolverine “We’re telling you again. Hand over the kid.” “You really think it’s smart to come on to my private property and threaten me?”, said Silver Wolverine. “I’ve beaten each of you at least once. Do you really think you can go through me, the Ninja Turtles, my team, and the Transformers?” “Well,” said Captain America, “that’s why we brought backup”. Another jet landed and out stepped Professor X, Beast, Cyclops, Banshee, Havok, Psylocke, Rogue, Jubillee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Colossus. “Collossus!” exclaimed Deadpool with delight, “How are you my shiny friend?” “Shut it, Wade”, said Collosus. “This time, tables have turned. You are now villain and I am hero.” “You know,” said Deadpool, “with all the time you’ve been in this country, you’d think you’d speak better English.:” Another jet landed and out stepped Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and Dr. Doom. “Are you really willing to fight all of us?” said Captain America. “You bet we are,” said Silver Wolverine. He called on his armor suit, which looked like Iron Menace’s but all black. He proceeded to fight Thor. At first, it seemed like Thor was getting the better of him with Stormbreaker, but Thor wasn’t counting on a lightning blast from Silver Wolverine’s Iron Man suit, knocking Thor out cold. ‘I HAVE THE POOOOOWWWWWEEEEEER!!!” shouted Silver Wolverine in victory. He then proceeded to fight Captain Marvel. I saw a blade come out of his Iron Man suit, paralyzing Captain Marvel. Silver Wolverine then punched Captain Marvel clear into the next state. (That’s not hyperbole, by the way. She really did land in the next state.) I know I should feel kind of bad for her, since she lost so easily, but in my universe, she’s one of the most powerful villains. Nothingwrong with a bit of schadenfreude. (Schadenfreude: A feeling of pleasure one gets from something bad happening to somebody who deserves it. See? Told you I speak a little bit of German.) Professor X and Jean Grey were fighting the Autobots. Unfortunately for two of the most powerful psychic mutants in the universe, the Autobots are alien robots, whose conciousness comes from this shard of asteroid called the Allspark, so they don’t technically have any minds to manipulate. Yeah, that was a pretty short fight for the mutants. Meanwhile, I was fighting my father. At first, we were pretty equally matched, but eventually, Cap socked me on the jaw. “I could do this all day,” I said. “Ha ha. That’s funny,” replied Cap. “So can I.” We continued to fight, and unfortunately, I lost that day. I looked over and Tamina and her sister Jasmine were fighting my mother. Believe it or not, they actually won that fight. A few minutes later, the fighting stopped. “Look”, said Silver Wolverine, “I trust this kid. He seems like a good kid. You know me. I would never lie to you. I firmly believe this kid has genuinely good intentions. So, Cap, you need to get on the phone with SHIELD or whoever and get them to take back the bounty on us. Or next time we fight, I won’t just stop at knocking you all out. I won’t hesitate to kill, if necessary.” The teams then proceeded to leave.

Just when we thought everything was fine and dandy, whom should show up, but Alexander the Terrible. He opened a portal and sent me and Silver Wolverine through. We landed in what appeared to be a giant spaceship. I looked out the window and saw a battle going on. I saw this giant throne. Silver Wolverine got a look of concern. “I know where we are, and we’re in trouble,” he said. ‘Why?”, I asked. “Where are we?’’ Silver Wolverine said “This is Thanos’s ship. I know when we are, too. This is the day he gets the Space Stone. He already has the Power Stone. This is so bad.” We heard a door open. I was worried, thinking it was Thanos, but it was Proxima Midnight. Silver Wolverine put on his Black Panther armor, and then his Iron Man armor. Proxima Midnight must be really bad. Silver Wolverine lept, and attacked Proxima. “Hello, my love,” said Proxima. Silver Wolverine unmasked himself. “Proxima. Listen. We need to get off this ship. We need to get back to Earth. Will you help us?” “Why should I help you?” inquired Proxima. “You once dated me during the Brood Wars, knowing full well I was betrothed to Corvus Glaive. To this day, he won’t let it go.” “Because we both know deep down, you kind of still love me, and you’ll help me. We know the only 2 things Thanos is afraid of is the Hulk and Star-Lord’s dad Ego.” “Well, you’re right about that, my love. Ok, I’ll help you.” Silver Wolverine put a metal dot on our heads. “This is so you can see what I see”, he explained. We heard the door open. “You two need to hide,” said Proxima. We hid, and I observed that in walked Ebony Maw. He spotted Silver Wolverine, and used his powers to throw him against the wall. “You hairless ape. You thought you could invade my ship?” Silver Wolverine laughed. “What’s so funny, you chattering animal?” asked Ebony Maw. Silver Wolverine said “Later, you get killed by a teenager.” Ebony Maw was really ticked off now. Suddenly, I heard big, thundering steps. In walked Thanos, presumably after his conquest of Asgard. “Let him go, Ebony Maw.” “But, Master….” “Let. Him. Go.” Ebony Maw obeyed. “Thanos,” said Silver Wolverine. “Back for a rematch. Last time I was easy on you, which is why you’re not dead….yet…” Thanos said I thought you’d be dead after all these hundreds of years. No cheating, now. Take off your armors. Let’s have a fair fight.” “Alright, peon. I’ve fought the devil and won. Literally. You’re going to be easy.” Silver Wolverine shed his Iron Man and Black Panther armor and got his claws out. His first few hits didn’t even phase Thanos. Thanos grabbed his giant sword and Silver Wolverine blocked it. He continued to duck and weave, and hit Thanos. I looked closer. Was Thanos….bleeding? Silver Wolverine continued to damage Thanos, until he eventually wore him down enough that he was on the ground. Silver Wolverine put his claws up to Thanos’ head. “Go ahead….do it!” said Thanos. Silver Wolverine put his claws away. “No. I’m not supposed to be the one to kill you.” He then punched Thanos, knocking him out cold. He grabbed his armors and ran back to the elevator with me and Proxima Midnight. Proxima said “You need to knock me out, too. It has to look like I tried to fight you. Otherwise, when Thanos comes to, I’m dead.” “I’m not going to hit you, Proxima” said Silver Wolverine. “Hey kid,” he said to me, “use your symbiote.” “Ok,” I said. “Patriot. Armor on!” Patriot covered me, and knocked out Proxima. The elevator opened, and there was an army of thousands. I used Patriot to throw a few against the wall. Silver Wolverine called upon his Iron Man armor. “SIDNEY, activate instant kill.” The armor activated red dots all over, and shot a whole bunch of lasers. Thanos’ army was dead in seconds. Except…..he missed one. I saw this giant blue alien lady slowly float down. “Hello, my love,” she said. (Again with the “my love?” Who hasn’t Silver Wolverine dated?) “Hello, Supergiant.” said Silver Wolverine. “I’m not letting you leave,” said Supergiant. “Then I guess we’ll have to fight.” Silver Wolverine and Supergiant fought, and Silver Wolverine won. We escaped and went to her ship. On the way there, I asked Silver Wolverine, “Why does every lady we run into keep calling you “my love?”” “Well,” said Silver Wolverine, “going back in time and through space over hundreds of years, you get to know a lot of people. I’ve broken a lot of hearts…I’m not proud.” “What’s the Brood War?” I asked. “Broods are these alien parasites that look like Xenomorphs. Once they infect you and take over your mind, there’s no cure. I fought alongside Proxima, and we fell in love. I was actually the first man she ever kissed. What I didn’t know was she was betrothed to Corvus Glaive. That was awkward. Thanos was also furious. How dare Proxima show weakness?! She’s supposed to be a heartless killing machine. Her spear never misses its target. Ever. Thanos chooses his “children” based on how well and how mercilessly they can kill. That’s why he loves Gamora more than her sister Nebula. Gamora will never hesitate to kill.” We went back through the portal, and it was like we never left. Silver Wolverine said “Ok, we need to go see my good friend Tony Stark.” I internally winced when he said that. We went to Avengers Tower, and Silver Wolverine greeted Tony. It’s so weird to me. Tony Stark. The evil genius and weapons designer in my universe. Tony Stark, who sent a Terminator to his competitor Justin Hammer’s house to kill him, and then took the opportunity after Hammer’s “sudden and unexpected death”, to buy his company. (Gives new meaning to the term “hostile takeover.’’) And here, Tony is hugging Silver Wolverine. Tony is showing vulnerability. It’s so weird to me. Silver Wolverine handed him something. “What is this, James?” asked Tony. “I can’t tell you that, but I need you to replicate it.” said Silver Wolverine. “Alright, James, I trust you”, said Tony. Silver Wolverine and I arrived back at the base. “Hey, kid,” said Silver Wolverine. “Can I talk to your symbiote?’’ “Alright. Come out, Patriot!” “Hello, Patriot.” Said Silver Woverine. Patriot asked “Is it just me, or do I smell another symbiote?” “You got me,” said Silver Wolverine. He calls upon his own symbiote. “I am from another planet”, said Silver Wolverine’s symbiote. “I take it you are one of the good symbiotes from your planet?’” “Yes,” said Patriot. “My host’s father is Captain America. I admired what Cap stood for, so by extension, I chose his son to be my host.”

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Good grief.

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