Monsters : Mutant insects or mutant animal attack movies…

Mutant insects or mutant animal attack movies…

I'm meaning movies like Bug (1975) & Empire of the Ants (1977) vs movies like Piranha (1978) & Prophecy (1979).

Which are more fun to watch?

By a hair, I prefer insect attack just because of the extra creep factor.

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Re: Mutant insects or mutant animal attack movies…

'Prophecy' is one of my all-time favorite monster movies.

I usually enjoy mutant animal movies like 'Night of the Lepus' and 'Godmonster of Indian Flats,' but I'm always up for a good 'swarm' movie, like all the piranha and killer bee movies, and 'Kingdom of the Spiders.'

Falling in the middle of those classifications is 'Food of the Gods.'

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Re: Mutant insects or mutant animal attack movies…

^^ Gotta agree with "swarm" movies, because the plot usually revolves around it being an invasive threat that can spread out or repopulate uncontrollably, versus a singular predatory creature or organism. Big bug/monster movies of the 50s & 60s were fantastic going either route (THEM!, Tarantula, The Black Scorpion, The Deadly Mantis, It Conqured the World, The Giant Gila Monster, It Came from Beneath the Sea); but today's movies seem more like action-comedy horror hybrids (BigAssSpider, Lavantula, Stung, Pirahna DD, Blood Surf, Lake Placid, Tremors), than anything scifi related. Everything's either shark or spider related it seems.

I tend to dig more of the insect and parasitic invasion type movies (The Killer Bees, Bug, Blue Monkey, The Nest, Arachnophobia, The Thaw, The Bay) since their tone seems a bit more serious, which reminds me somewhat of those classic B-horror movie tropes from yesteryear. I still enjoy all those 70's era animal gone crazy movies, like Tentacles, Orca, Alligator, Grizzly, Night of the Lepus and such, but harken back to those old, big bad bug movies as my favorites.