Late Night with Seth Meyers : Most rediculous leftist show

Most rediculous leftist show

Is ISIS writing this show? Tonight's show was rediculous. I'm an independent and was insulted watching.

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You must be a right leaning independent. I'm independent, left leaning and I think he's hilarious. I've really been enjoying his new format and his political humor. Nothing new from his SNL WU days. Love it, hope he keeps it up, he's filling a heavy hitter political void, or helping to fill it. Only complaint is the recurring, unfunny bit with Fred Armisen. LOVE Fred but for whatever reason I can't stand his segments on this show.

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Fred's lying segment, though also a bit tedious, was far better than the TV show summary thing he's doing now. Terrible segment!

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I too enjoy Seth's opening monologue, a closer look, and yah burnt segments. I think "back in my day" needs to go.

Seth does not hold back he has some really biting intelligent jokes. Maybe he'll get the big job someday.

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Independents decide elections. Conan is left leaning too, but his show is not like Seth's Shove Politics Down Your Throat just before you go to sleep. Jay was also a Democrat but presented his leaning in a subtle, classy way. There is enough politics on TV as it is. No need to turn a late night "comedy" show into another political campaign ad. I am also an independent, and I will not watch Seth any more. Sad, because I do like Seth's humor when not politically motivated.

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I had Fallon on mute and saw a commercial for Late Night. Meyers is making the comparison (yawn) to the Academy Awards and Republican Candidates for President. First a picture of Trump and than the half-Hispanic Ted Cruz.

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I thought Leno was conservative.

I love the shots Seth keeps taking at Donald Duck.

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Independent with conservative leanings, I take it? I also assume you were so angry you forgot how to spell your adjectives correctly too?

What's missing in movies is same as in society: a good sense of work ethic and living up to ideals.

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The entire late night lineup on all networks is all left to leaning to full out hardcore liberal, it has become annoying and repetitive especially when there are so many jokes that can be made at the left but they refuse to do them and only make light jabs. Only Kimmel and somewhat Conan is really funny and has a show based more on comedy then pushing a liberal agenda.

Meyers and Colbert, far hardcore left and totally not funny, just politically driven "humor" and more soapbox liberal agenda then even comedy.

Conan, Fallon, and Kimmel, more to the left but not as rabidly political as Meyers or Colbert and more funny/entertaining.

British guy(forgot his name) is in the middle of Colbert and Conan but pretty leftist

Then you have comedy central with their 2 far left satire shows that are awful and totally unwatchable now plus you have that awful full frontal show before Conan which is again a angry liberal feminist and totally unwatchable unless you are a far left liberal and even then it is not funny.

Nobody really talks about or enjoys these shows anymore aside from maybe Kimmel or Fallon at times, the rest are just spouting their politics and trying to be trendy and appealing to dopey millennials when they should focus on being funny instead.

The left always goes on and on about diversity(not white male)yet there is no diversity in late night lineups anymore, they are all on the left to really hardcore left spouting their political agenda and attacking the right, where is the diversity in that. At least Dave was pretty equal politically before 9-11 and he had his kid when he turned into a giant liberal, Jay was very even politically and often nailed Dems more(he was the highest rated too), Conan was not too political especially on major network, Killborne not too political, none were very politically one sided like they are now.

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I'm watching it for the first time ever, and 20 minutes in, I've yet to hear a joke that isn't about Donald Trump. A couple of jokes would have sufficed, dude. Jimmy Fallon (at least tonight's episode) insulted Trump, Clinton, and Saunders tastefully, but equally. Not surprised Seth is on a later time slot.

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There are many jokes available to be made on the left - Hillary, and the tents she wears, is a good start