Imogen Poots : More Roadies thoughts.

More Roadies thoughts.

Now I've never made any secret of the fact that I'm watching this mostly because of my (ahem) fascination with Imogen Poots, but after watching "The Corporate Gig" last night, I've gotta say WTF to both Crowe and Abrams.

My borderline obsession with the lovely and talented Ms. Poots aside, I've never really warmed up to her character, Kelly Ann, due more to the scattershot writing of the character than the performance. She's found her place, she hasn't found her place. She hates Reg, she kinda likes him in a way. She's firm in her artistic beliefs, she feels like she's sold out. All of these contradictions should make her a well-rounded, developing character but instead, the lack of any bridge between them just leads to making her a confusing mess. Character issues are raised in one episode without any previous mention just to provide for a "moment," a la the fact that she hasn't had any alcohol all tour only to then provide for an out-of-the-blue drunken grope on the hill with the guy she alternately likes/is disgusted by while never, ever developing any chemistry with. (takes a deep breath. sorry bout the long sentence.)

I don't blame either Poots or Spall for that, by the way--it's all on the "writers" and people otherwise overseeing the show. I'll watch through to the end (of course, being a Pootsaholic), but maybe it's best off finishing with only the one season.

Of course, I understand that she's not the only character on the show. It's not all about Kelly Ann. But in screen time alone, she's clearly a favorite of Crowe's or else there wouldn't be any more of her than there is of Donna or Milo or any of the other side characters. And if she is sort of this show's avatar for Crowe himself, then she needed more a consistent thru-line in her writing.

My personal favorite Kelly Ann scene in the whole show: when she told Roseanna Arquette's photog character off. She really played off a great sense of "I'm *beep* myself here but I've gotta say this." One of her (Kelly Ann's) only truly strong moments in the show.

Oh, and lest I forget...I nailed the whole "Kelly Ann's hair" thing in my previous "Roadies" post, didn't I?