3D Films : Mistakes


There was a mistake about the 3D movie ," Money from home.It was stated that This and the flight of Tangier was the only 3d movie shot in 3strip technicolor.Nope. Inferno and the french line was also shot in 3D Technicolor also.

Re: Mistakes

No, that statement is correct. While several 3-D films in the 1950s were released in Technicolor, only "Money From Home" and "Flight To Tangier" were actually filmed with the Technicolor Dynoptic 3-D rig, utilizing Technicolor's three-strip cameras. The others that were released in Technicolor were shot in Eastmancolor or Anscocolor (as in the case of "Kiss Me Kate").

So there is a difference between "shot in Technicolor" and "color by Technicolor," the former referring to the production method and the latter referring only to the release prints.


Re: Mistakes

You were right .I checked it.Inferno was clear vision 3D .It figures 3 strip right and left means 6 strips.This can be pretty expensive.Paramount not being interest in putting their 3D classics on blu ray is pretty rotten to.Look what they did to Friday the 13th? anaglyph