Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood : "Maddy?"


Just before David's death, he starts to turn around, mistaking Jason for Maddy.

"Maddy?" he asks, if he wanted it to be her.

Do you think he knew she liked him and thought in that moment he'd have sex with two girls in one night?

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Or he was still stoned.

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I don't know if he'd want it to be her. Maddy was kind of...frumpy. Even post-makeover.

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This is another wtf moment in the series that makes me laugh sometimes. Like of all people wouldn't it be Robin? That stupid cut scene with David/Robyn in the shed smoking a joint I think it caused so much continuity issues. Like Maddy searching for David outside. David expecting it to be Maddy in the kitchen is probably part of that whole mess.

Part 7 <3 so drunk with like 19 different things cut out.

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That cut scene is one that really should have been kept in the film, at least for continuity purposes. Yeah, I know F13 isn't known for it's amazing continuity, but at least crazy odd scenes involving Maddy would make sense.

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He was just going to screw the other girl