Ellen Page : Lives a few blocks from me.

Lives a few blocks from me.

Well she used to and comes home frequently.

Used to see her about when they were filming The Trailer Park Boys.

Met her one time but don't actually know her.

Re: Lives a few blocks from me.

Very cool. I'm envious because I'd love to meet her. A very big fan. I sadly left the industry before she made it big so I never got to work with her.

Just refreshing to see a positive thread. It's shocking to see half the threads are negative and some border on violent in their hatred. The bigots haven't had a problem with coming out of the closet. I grew up in the 60s and back then I thought bigotry was somewhat tolerated but they're proud of being bigots these days. Even the one that was claiming it was career suicide. She's always done mostly indy films and indy people don't care.

I hope she doesn't read IMDB because the hate thr 16d0 eads have to be disturbing. For everyone of the bigots there's at least two of us that love and support her.

I take it she's mostly LA based now but hopefully you'll get to see her again. Personally I lived in LA for 25 years and I'd take Nova Scotia any day of the week over LA.

Re: Lives a few blocks from me.

My aunt lives in LA and my mother lived in the San Fernando valley for a year. My aunt is a member of the SAG and gets alot of work.

I love Nova Scotia, but I would also love to visit California someday. Been all over the USA just not that far west yet.

What did you do in the industry?

As for the hate on the web. If I get trolled here or on my Youtube channel, or Twitter, or wherever I think aout it and it bothers me for exactly 0 seconds. Hah. I just have a chuckle and am on my way.

+++ Jason