Kevin Costner : Like this guy

Like this guy

For some reason I just really like watching Costner's movies, even the less than stellar ones. Glad he has had a bit of a career resurgence after late 90's / early 00's.

Re: Like this guy

He's my favorite - has been since I was a little kid and first saw him at age 3 in Robin Hood.

He's so underrated. If you're a fan, which I take you are, check out the "Kevin Costner Italian Fan Club" page on facebook - I am one of the administrators and it's the most up to date page on all things Kevin you'll find.

Re: Like this guy

I'm exactly the same, I just like watching his movies there's just something about him. I love the way he starts a sentence then gives a little laugh, he does it a lot in his movies and I wonder if it's something he does i 5b4 n real life.