The King of Queens : Last Episodes about the Apartment

Last Episodes about the Apartment

Doug was furious enough to leave and divorce Carrie over her keeping the apartment, yet the one thing that was never mentioned that he himself had his own secret apartment at one point.

He screwed up constantly and she always forgave him. So for him to want a divorce just really rubbed me the wrong way.

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Yes. Not oonly that but 2 fold. First when they put the apartment on reserve he said they could move there when it became free, then he said they could move there if Artoor ever moved out. Doug constantly lied.

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The thing is, they had legit reasons for getting a divorce if they wanted one but they had to go with this "you didn't take a leap of faith" crap.

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I agree. He did so much almost unforgivable things that he hardly has the right to complain. Secret apartment is just one of them.

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This is a red herring.

The two "secret apartments" were two very different circumstances.

They were only similar in a very superficial sense, in name only (i.e., that they were both "secret apartments" secured by one spouse).

Doug's secret apartment was to play cards with the guys and to have a "man cave".

Carrie's secret apartment was used as "insurance" or a "back-up plan", if things didn't go well with Doug and the marriage. In other words, she had doubts about her husband and her marriage.

Those are two quite different scenarios.

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Oh, I don't ascribe such sinister motives to Carrie and the Manhattan apartment.

When they got the letter about the availability, Carrie had forgotten about it. She wasn't planning on leaving Doug. When she took the apartment, she wanted Doug to join her there. He didn't want to.

Then after a short time of being in the apartment in the city of her dreams, she found it hard to part with. It was her lifetime dream after all, as she explained on the plane. So she fibbed to Doug about giving it up. Doug saying it was because she didn't take a leap of faith was a gross exaggeration.

I daresay, many people who have been married a long time, some would admit having occasional doubts about their marriage. Not many keep an expensive apartment just in case.

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But that's the point. Carrie kept the secret apartment "just in case".

In other words, she was assuaging her doubts about Doug and the marriage.

The secret apartment over the Chinese Restaurant was for a less sinister and more benign motive: Doug wanted to "get away" from married life for a few hours a week and live with the guys like a bachelor. Just for fun.

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Even more so, a secret apartment just to have fun with the boys; rarely ends well.

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On the contrary, in this case, it didn't end badly at all.

Carrie was a little surprised and miffed and quickly got over it.

In fact, Carrie liked -- and even approved of -- the idea, as it was a good "escape" for her, too (from Kirstie Alley, who played the role of Carrie's "client from hell").

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On a side note: this is one of my favorite episodes ("Apartment Complex").

Definitely in my Top Ten and probably even Top Five.

A few things stand out:

(1) Carrie says to Doug: "Is this your new home?" ... Doug says: "No, don't be silly!" ... Carrie looks down at the coffee table and says: "You're getting mail delivered here!"

(2) Carrie says: "I don't even know you. You're a whole different person!" ... Doug says: "Don't be silly. I am still the same old Doug!" ... Then, Doug picks up the phone and starts speaking perfectly fluent Chinese!

(3) Kirstie Alley makes Carrie eat junk food and donuts, so that Kirstie can vicariously "eat" through Carrie and not gain weight. Kirstie says: "Can you eat that donut with the sprinkles, for me?" ... Carrie says: "Oh, no, I really don't like sprinkles!" ... Kirstie says: "But could you, anyway?" ... Carrie says: "Yes, absolutely!" and starts to devour the donut.

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No she kept the apartment because she had always wanted to live on Manhattan so she was living her dream. It wasn't anything sinister.

But in Doug's case, if you want to get away from married life but don't tell your wife about it that isn't just fun or something light. that is actually something serious.

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The difference is:

Carrie was entertaining the idea of leaving the marriage permanently.

Doug wanted a temporary reprieve from married life, for a few hours a week. To hang with the guys, play cards, and live like a bachelor.

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i think that was the point that doug wasnt willing to compromise. people hate on carrie a lot but she put up with A LOOOOOOOT from doug. the constant lying, the disregard for his health, just plain stupidity. yeah doug put up with her dad, and her bitchy way. but carrie was bitchy because of her dad and doug. and doug wants a divorce because she lied about keeping her apartment. in the end, i dont think doug would have divorced carrie, i think he just wanted to hurt her really bad because he was an *beep* and didnt know what else to do. he didnt have his way, so he was going overboard

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I really thought Doug would have been happy. If getting the apartment meant getting rid of Arthur for good. However that seems like a small place to raise 2 kids, granted they didn't know that at the time. However I live in a similar style apartment and my neighbors have 3 kids. Ah, I forgot what my point was.