Lists and Recommendations : Last Controversial film?

Last Controversial film?

Passion of the Christ?

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The Brown Bunny

Chloe Sevigny gives the director and leading amn Vincent Gallo a real blowjob. It's probably the worst best movie ever.

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That wasn't Gallo's real dick though. It was actually a prosthetic.

What, do you got your period?

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Cuties (2019)

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thats what I was just gonna say. I never saw it but my social media was blowing up with complaints!

Smile and pass it on :)

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I was going to say A Serbian Film (2010) but you reminded me of that one.

Just because I'm not on THEIR side, doesn't mean I'm on YOURS.

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What do you mean "controversial"?

I know that there was controversy about new movies released on streaming apps vs in theater experience.
Scarlett Johansson kicked it off when she announced that she was planning to sue the studio for releasing and marketing Black Widow on streaming apps at the same time as in the movie theaters because she makes more money from theater sales.

Scarlett's complaint raised new concerns about how the studios are marketing new movies during the quarantine. A lot of other actors and others in Hollywood side with Scarlet.

But I don't. She just comes off too greedy if you ask me..a lot of people and businesses lost huge profits due to covid-19 mandatory shutdowns. Why does Scarlet think she's immune?

We are expected to risk contagion all because Scarlet wants to play Black Widow AGAIN in a feature film?