Bewitched : Larry Hagman as Darren?

Larry Hagman as Darren?

I was just thinking about him and I think he would've been great. He would've been a compromise between York and Sargeant. He was great at physical comedy. He's actually the only redeeming factor in JEANNIE, in my opinion.

However there might've been the concern that he'd overshadow Elizabeth Montgomery.

Who knows?

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I've never thought about that, but I always thought Hagman as his Tony character would have made a great husband for Samantha, and thought Darrin and Jeannie would have had a very stormy relationship lol

I always wondered, with Darrin's objections to magic, if Darrin had found Jeannie's bottle, do you think he would have had a problem letting Jeannie use her magic, since that would have been a totally different circumstance.

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I think Darrin would act the same. Finding the bottle / discovering your wife is a witch. The women were two different people though and Jeannie would take longer assimilating as the corporate wife giving dinner parties.

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However there might've been the concern that he'd overshadow Elizabeth Montgomery

Interesting idea about Larry Hagman as Darrin, but why do you think that Larry Hagman might overshadow Elizabeth Montgomery?

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Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure why I made the comment. I think I might retract it.

Maybe I said it because---in my opinion---HE makes I DREAM OF JEANNIE tolerable! Also perhaps I subconsciously remembering the superstar status DALLAS had given him at the time.

(Of course I'm referring to Hagman from JEANNIE, not DALLAS, for the role of Darren.)

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It's an interesting thought for sure. But he was pretty busy with IDOJ. But in a hypothetical world, I'd love to know what he would have been like as Darrin.

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I think he would have been great. Not only is he wonderful with physical comedy but he also is handsome something we are supposed to believe Darren is but York couldn't pull off and Sergeant was only marginal.

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Yeah, Larry Hagman was handsome, but I wouldn't exactly call the Darren actors "unattractive".

I read somewhere than men are attracted to women they find good looking and women find men good looking when they are attracted to them.

Sam had centuries of experience. She probably met men who were physically more handsome than Darren (Dick York) but he had a beauty of character,a good heart, some undefinable something that she found very attractive. Who can argue with that?

And it's not like Dick York was a troll!! He was tall and slim and had a very pleasant face, not male model handsome, but nice looking. Dick Sargeant was attractive too.

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I was more referring to the women who would come into the ad agency or move into the neighborhood and suddenly fall head over heels for Darren. These were the women who would constantly hit on him, he would do nothing or even flirt back, which would often anger Samantha leading to episode hijinks.

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Oh I can see where you are coming from.

I watch these old episodes and sometimes I think the women in the ad agency were just "jumping on" Darren because they thought he could further their careers. I don't think they were really that attracted to Darren, it was more of a cynical "follow the money" thing. Darren was someone who might have been able to help them in their professional lives. There ARE women who act attracted to a man if he has money and/or power. They didn't see in him what Samantha saw.

Some of the "hitting on" Darren may have come from the fact that he was such a gentleman and a decent person. He wasn't a lecher and I think some of these pretty models who were sent out to ad agencies to do commercials were hit on a lot. Darren was different. And since he didn't come on to them, ironically they found that appealing. Here was a kind and decent man who didn't jump on them. It had a certain appeal.

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Of course I have no idea about the dynamics the marriage between Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher, who was pretty much at the set most all of the time from what I understand. Maybe either Montgomery or Asher was more comfortable with Elizabeth acting day after day with someone a little goofy-looking (not ugly by any means) and/or gay. Also they both probably agreed they wanted her to be the prettiest star of the show!