Coronation Street : Kebab wars

Kebab wars

When that guy kicked off about Dev nicking his uniform from Captain Kebab I thought he was referring to the naval blazer Dev was wearing (why was he dressed like that?!). But the guy meant the logoed red polo shirts Chesney and Gemma were wearing.

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I didn't get it. I think he was trying a new idea by being a business guru for people to come to him and ask questions?

Why of they even wear uniform, it's a chip shop? Plus there are only two of them.

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Seemed to me like just an excuse to throw Dev and Alaya together.

I hope we see more of Kenny Snr. as the kebab king or whatever he was, he could be fun to have around for a while.

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Dev did look nautical. I wonder if he and Alaya will be setting up a business together to add to Dev's empire.

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They should bring vack Colonel Kebab, hana


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The Indian woman at the end seem to gave long feet, hana

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You talking gibberish again, buna