The Watercooler : I guess I just have to accept myself as I am and the world as it is, folks.

I guess I just have to accept myself as I am and the world as it is, folks.

That's right.

And if that means I am a flawed, at times weak, incapable, under-educated, a little or a lot self-centered and all other things (or some of them at least) as an individual, and I cannot achieve major greatness in life and be a multi-millionaire, and if for a while even at 34 years of age I still have to live with parents, explore the world, have a minimum wage job etc and even sometimes go over various past moments, so be it.

Accept it and move on.

And on the other side. Don't try to either question, or change, the world of humanity too much. Yes, do what's right and whatnot, but don't be too put off either. And if certain truths happen to be a little extra shocking (i.e. to give all but one example, the existence of victim blaming in an already terrible enough as it is bad criminal deed) or even a little mentally confusing (i.e. potential double standards, based even on what we occasionally saw in movies, even if we still admit its wrong etc, and LET other people DISCUSS it please however bluntly they may choose, minus offenses of course!), so be it, but don't go TOO crazy or push too hard.

And accept ALSO whatever criticism life has thrown at you, including in my case, on the INTERNET. And if there were disagreements and uncertainties, fine, it is how it is. And don't worry too much about others NOT understanding you or even certain situations, let it go also, especially if it happened YEARS and sometimes even two or less DECADES ago. Don't feel too upset, suicidal or messianic well EITHER.

And don't complain if people, intelligent and normal mind you, do not look at ALL bad things the same way. THAT IS LIFE, C'est la vie, as the French would also say.

But anyways, to conclude and in a nutshell, I will just accept myself and life as it is and world and humanity also. I will try and be normal and do my best and whatnot to live and survive and MAYBE achieve greatness too, if not, just live and let live. See you around folks and my lovelies.

Re: I guess I just have to accept myself as I am and the world as it is, folks.

You are a fast typer