3D Films : How Fake 3D has been made

How Fake 3D has been made

It's really disgusting that the studios only want to fake 3D.This is a way to kill it.the reason .They don't want to take their time.They want to hurry their productions.In making a real 3d movie ,you have to determine how far to keep the lenses apart in relation to the video affects.Once it's made it cannot be changed .This is the pro corporate studio propaganda .Yes it can be changed you can upload the right and left image in a 3D video digital editor and changed the effects or add the affect on the left and right print The worst it take 6 month to convert flat film to 3d.The pro corporate editor claims that it's easier to put the effect in flat ,then convert it to 3D.I think this would be harder.This is how it's done either by cutting the images out of the film and sculpting them or making 3d models of the image in film and super imposing the film on the 3d models the.Then with a virtual 3d camera the scenes a shot on the right and the left ,in the computer.Still this is not genuine 3d.

Re: How Fake 3D has been made

It's very clever and can look OK if it's done well. The automated systems however, are a joke.

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