Dustin Hoffman : His horrible voice!

His horrible voice!

Watched an episode of Luck, and couldn´t notice Dustin´s horrible voice. Haven´t heard of him recently, but recall he sounded better before (well at least in the 70´s). How come someone´s hiring him with that HORRIBLE VOICE?!

Re: His horrible voice!

I notice and wonder the same thing. Only Martin Lawrence´s voice is as bad as Dustin´s.

Re: His horrible voice!

There are, and have been, a lot of actors and actresses with awful voices. Since there are also many with excellent voices I don't know how this is allowed.

Frankly, I can't stand Hoffman and avoid his films. Besides the irritating voice, he's also UGLY and SHORT. He's supposed to be a romantic lead? I'd rather try to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Unfortunately, there's been a trend since the 70's to force mediocre actors with little talent down the public throat. This one is handsome, this one is beautiful, etc. BAH HUMBUG! Most of them are ordinary, plain, or downright UGLY. Nobody I would look at twice if I passed them on the street.


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