Adam Sandler : He's Pauly Shore-ing himself :(

He's Pauly Shore-ing himself :(

Watched Punch-Drunk Love last night for the first time in years and it hit me like a tonne of bricks - Sandler is not the star he was back then, nor is he the actor. Signing with Netflix was the worst thing he ever did (besides Jack & Jill). He's basically a STV star now, unconstrained by the boundaries of theatrical releases. His films can be as bad as possible now without fear of boming at the box-office. And while his past Happy Madison films were always opportunities to just hang out with his buddies while making a movie, the first part has taken blatant priority. He's stopped caring about his career & image. It's sad.

Re: He's Pauly Shore-ing himself :(

well, first of all, he's not done acting in theater movies bc he was in uncut gems about a year ago. second of all, he's always made bad movies, it doesnt' matter if they are straight to video or not.

so there's no difference between him making bad movies for theaters or him making bad movies for straight to video movies, the results are always going to be bad movies .

it's an anomaly that he made both billy madison and happy gilmore. but its' weird how he got started being the star of a comedy movie with 2 good movies in a row bc this makes you think he's capable of making good comedy movies.

it's interesting though you saying he's like pauly shore bc both him and pauly shore started out at mtv.