Star Wars : Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you and all that.

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Thanks, and right back at ya!

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💜 Happily engaged to an Aaaasian….🐲㊙️🍜

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Oh my GOD you just reminded me that I (well my son) has a lightsaber! I know what I'm doing when it gets dark.

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I used to have one as a kid back in the '80s. It was a long green one and used a small light bulb to light it up. It had a natural sound when you swung it that was created by the air.

It also had a button for lightsaber sounds. Pretty good technology for the '80s.

💜 Happily engaged to an Aaaasian….🐲㊙️🍜

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May The 4th Be With You :)

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Wookie-nipple-pinchy, m'lady


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Live long and prosper.

I live. I die. I live again.

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Which Episode of My own "STAR WARS" Sequel Trilogy Idea do you yourself like the Most ?

Here Below is My "STAR WARS" Sequel Trilogy Idea (It is very Very VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY Long) and Each of the 3 Episodes of it.

EPISODE X - Children of The Sith

It would basically begin by taking place just 4 or 5 years after "THE RISE OF SKYWALKER" with Rey Skywalker training Finn and 3 other Force Sensitive People (1 of which being a young 6 year old girl who like Rey, was abandoned by her parents several years before and whom Rey herself has developed a motherly attachment too) that she has met during the last 4 or 5 years.

Lando Calrissian, Wedge Antilles, Jannah, Rose, Connix, and Colonel Ackbar will all have become Leaders in the Resistance/New Republic Forces.

Chewbacca, Nien Nunb, BB-8, C-3PO, R2D2, and Dio will all have important roles with the Leaders of the Resistance/New Republic, and Poe Dameron and Zorri Bliss will have become husband and wife.

Meanwhile, The remnants of The First Order have spent the last 4 or 5 years in hiding on the outer rim but suddenly during it…..they encounter a small dark space craft that has been adrift in space for a very long time and inside of it are 10 people (7 adults, 3 children) all frozen in carbonite.

The space craft is captured by the Lead First Order Star Destroyer and then boarded by a First Order officer and a dozen First Order storm troopers. They awaken 1 of the people frozen in carbonite, a man who after a few seconds asks them who they are and where they are to which the First Order Officer refuses to answer and instead asks him who he is and where did he and the others come from to which the man then force throws him against a wall and uses the force to block all of the storm troopers shots and throws them all against the walls of the space craft. Then after they are all down, he walks over to a control panel and then awakens the other 9 people who are frozen. The man then walks over to a nearby cabinet, opens it up, and inside are 7 Dark Helmets.

A few minutes afterward, the First Order Admiral and Officers on the bridge repeatedly try contacting the men who went into the Space Craft but do not receive an answer. They then order the entrance to the craft to be guarded by a dozen troopers but as soon as the troopers get there, the entrance opens up and 6 Helmeted Dark Clothed people walk out of it with ignited Red Lightsabers (except 1 of them) and they immediately take down all of the troopers. They then work their way to the bridge of the Main Star Destroyer and along the way, they kill every storm trooper in their path. They then arrive at the bridge and then kill several storm troopers who shoot at them to which the First Order Admiral then orders the rest of the troopers and officers to stand down and drop they're weapons.

Then 1 of the Helmeted Dark Clothed people (the 1 who didn't ignite their lightsaber when they came out of the space craft with the other 5) step forward and they then speak, It is a female voice.

She tells the Admiral that her name is "Kiva", that the dark clothed people behind her are her brothers and sisters (by blood), that the 1 person and 3 children still inside the space craft are also her brothers and sisters (by blood), that they are all "Sith".

She informs the Admiral that She and her family seek 2 things, the first is the location of Emperor Palpatine to which the Admiral then replies that the Emperor (and his clone) are dead. "Kiva" then asks the Admiral if The Emperor has any living family (by then, the entire galaxy knows that Rey is really the granddaughter of The Emperor) to which the Admiral then tells Kiva about Rey and so she, her brothers and sisters, and the First Order remnants (after they see the Power that Kiva and her brothers and sisters have) leave the outer rim and go in search of Rey.

Eventually towards the end of the first Movie, Kiva and her brothers and sisters locate and find Rey Skywalker and when they all encounter each other (it would be Kiva and 5 of her brothers and sisters that would encounter Rey (the 3 children would remain on The Main First Order Star Destroyer since they are still very young), The first thing that Kiva herself says to Rey is actually a question….."Tell Me Your Name". Rey would then moments later during their first encounter ignite her yellow lightsaber to fight Kiva while at the same time, Kiva ignites her own lightsaber which is red but also is actually surrounded (just the red saber part itself, not the handles) by a red shielding just inches away from the red saber itself and which also shoots small bolts of red electricity back and forth between it and the red saber itself.

Rey would then raise her lightsaber and Kiva would raise hers and the 2 of them would then charge at each other and right as the 2 sabers come into contact and collide with each other, Kiva's lightsaber would smash right through Rey's Lightsaber (instantly destroying it) and then Kiva would quickly turn around and tear across Rey's back to which in reaction to it Rey would then turn around yelling out in pain and as she does, Kiva would then quickly turn around again and hit Rey with her lightsaber but this time cut off 1 of Rey's arms (not her hand like what happened to both Anakin and Luke) which would then make Rey scream and fall to the ground during which Kiva would then say to her again "Tell Me….Your Name" and then Rey would reply "rey……rey skywalker" to which Kiva would then reply "no….you're not" and Kiva would then actually kick Rey (while she is still down) right in the stomach and then right in her head and then Kiva would then lift Rey up with the force and throw her right into a wall and then she would walk right up to Rey and say to her again "Tell Me….Your Name" to which Rey would not answer. Kiva would then turn off her lightsaber, put it down on the ground and then (while still wearing her own helmet) she would head punch Rey in the face over and over again until 2 of the Jedi that Rey was training show up (Finn would be somewhere elsewhere at that time) and immediately ignite their own lightsabers to which Kiva's brothers and sisters would then ignite theirs and then Kiva would look down on Rey and say to her "I have a good feeling about this" and then the 2 Jedi would immediately charge at Kiva's brothers and sisters and they (like she did with Rey's lightsaber) after a brief fight (and right in front of a helpless and badly injured Rey), they would slowly and brutally slaughter the 2 Jedi.

Kiva would then walk back to Rey, pick her own lightsaber back up, ignite it, and very slowly step 1 of her feet down onto the open part of Rey's arm (which again, Kiva sliced off) and then press down on it with her own boot very hard causing Rey to scream more. Kiva would then press her lightsaber very very slowly into Rey's wound to which Rey would then scream out in agony.

Then you suddenly hear a lightsaber ignite right behind Kiva to which she stops and then turns around and she sees standing just 3 feet away the young 6 year old girl holding a green lightsaber (with both hands) and pointing it right at Kiva, the young girl would also have a very scared look on her face. Kiva would turn off her lightsaber and then would tell the young girl to turn off her lightsaber to which the girl replies "No, let her go". Kiva would then reply, "How about I kill her first and then kill you ?" to which the young girl then looks over at Rey and Rey yells to the young girl to just drop the weapon and not bring any harm to herself and then Rey would tell her that her own life is not more important than the young girl's life and then the young girl would then look back at Kiva and then she would turn off her lightsaber and then Kiva would reply, you are a very good and very brave young girl. Kiva would then turn back and look at Rey and say to her "You have been training her well" and then Kiva would then immediately raise her hand in the young girl's direction and then say to Rey "but you haven't trained her smartly" and then she would quickly close her hand to which the young girl's lightsaber would then re-ignite but in the opposite direction, it would burst through the other side of the lightsaber and then go right through the young girl's chest. Rey would then scream out "No" louder than ever before as she helplessly watches the young girl fall to the ground dead.

Kiva would then look at Rey and once again say to her once again "Now Tell Me…Your Name" to which Rey would still not say anything but instead would then spit blood in the face part of Kiva's helmet.

Kiva would then raise her fist and quickly start punching Rey in her face over and over again until finally she would stop and say to Rey "Since you won't do it, I guess I'll just have to do it for you. Your Name is Rey Palpatine…..and mine…… Kiva Plageius…..I, my brothers and sisters are the children of Darth Plageius and your grandfather hurt our family, hurt our lives, hurt all of it".

Kiva would then stand up and then tell all of her brothers and sisters to come over and then all would then begin kicking and hitting Rey over and over and over again until finally, Rey becomes unconscious.

Kiva and them would then all stop and then she says to 1 of her brothers "now go inside and get it" to which her brother says "Yes Sister" (and you can tell it is the voice of the man that was woken up in the space craft when the First Order found it at the beginning). Kiva's brother would then a few moments later come back out with a book (1 of the books that Rey took from Luke) and Kiva would take the book and then say "Now we continue".

Kiva and her brothers and sisters would then leave Rey for dead and then a short time later (after Kiva and her brothers and sisters have left the planet and the system), Finn, Poe, Zorri, Lando, Chewbacca, and several Resistance members would arrive and find Rey.

They say that Rey is close to death and that there is nothing that they can do for her to which Finn replies that he can save her with his force energy to which Poe says "No, Ben Solo did that and it killed him. If you do that then it would kill you" to which Finn replies "scan her body, when I bring her back to a point where you guys can then take over and can indeed save her then I will stop" to which Poe agrees, then Finn puts her hand on Rey's chest and (while Poe and the others monitor Rey's life signs), he heals her wounds, and then Poe looking at Rey's life signs then yells at Finn to stop and that they can take it from there to which Finn then takes his hand off of Rey's chest but then falls to the ground unconscious (Finn is not dead or dying, he is just very weak). Lando would then tell the others to take Rey and Finn back to the Resistance Fleet, he would then go over to the spot where Rey had buried both Anakin and Leia's lightsabers, dig them out, take them, and then he goes inside, finds Luke's old green lightsaber and takes that as well.

However while they are returning, Rey who is still unconscious has a vision in which she awakens in a realm where everything around her is white and she then hears a voice say "Hello Rey" to which she turns around and sees Luke Skywalker.

"What is this ?" she says to Luke and Luke replies "This is Here, This is All, This is Everywhere". Rey then says "What is Here ? What is Everywhere ?". Luke then says "This realm is the entire force, it is the entire universe, each of us in our way can feel all of it, can hear all of it, can see all of it".

"Why am I here ?" Rey then tearfully asks to which she then hears another voice behind her say "because it is time for you to become 1 with the force". She turns around and it is Ben Solo. Rey then tearfully says "No, I don't want to come here, I need to return. I need to save them". Luke then says "They are gone now, They're own fate is in they're own hands, They're own futures are in they're own hands". Rey would then immediately see a flashback to the young girl's death and then would look at Luke and say "I have to go back, I have to make things right again". Ben would then say "Making things right in this situation mean vengeance, vengeance is not the Jedi way". "I don't care" says Rey "She took her from me, they all took them from me" she tearfully says. Luke then says "Rey, it is over. It has been over. It is time to become 1 with the force now". "No" Rey says, Ben then says "Rey, it is time" to which Rey louder says "No" to which Rey then hears Jedi voices are around her say "become 1 with the force" to which Rey then screams "No!".

Then Rey suddenly finds herself in a completely different place, it is the old main chamber of Chancellor Palpatine (as it looked in "ATTACK OF THE CLONES" and "REVENGE OF THE SITH") and sitting in the Chancellor chair is Palpatine himself (Ian McDiarmid as he appeared in "REVENGE OF THE SITH" before he fought and was deformed by Mace Windu).

"Hello child" Palpatine says to Rey. Rey says nothing, she is in tears and total shock.

"I know child. You have been hurt, you have been wronged and now you wish to do right" Palpatine says. "I won't become like you, I am not you" Rey says. Palpatine then replies "No you aren't, you are much stronger, much better, and yes….much more powerful. You know who you are". Rey says nothing and Palpatine then steps forward and says to her "If you really want to save the others, if you really want to make things right….then don't be afraid of who you are, who you truly are".

Rey then closes her eyes and then again opens them and she then finds herself in The Emperor's thrown room on the 2nd Death Star (as it looked in "RETURN OF THE JEDI" and she sees Palpatine (as he looked in "RETURN OF THE JEDI") sitting in his chair. Palpatine looks and Rey says "You know you have the power to do what you know you want to do, you know you have the power to do what you need to do, you know you have the power to make things right" and then Palpatine begins laughing to which Rey closes her eyes again and she hears him continue to laugh.

At the end, Kiva and her brothers and sisters inform The First Order Admiral and his officers about an ancient carbonite crystal (so ancient that it has not been seen since the very beginning of both The Jedi and The Sith) that would have a strange and strong Force Power that would be so powerful that if it were put into the Lightsaber that had once belonged to a Previous Jedi or Sith that had already passed on then that Lightsaber was ignited, it would bring that Jedi or Sith back to life in the flesh.

Kiva would also reveal that the last known type of that kind of carbonite crystal was actually put and left inside the tomb of the Very First Sith and that would then lead to Kiva revealing what the 2nd thing that her and her brothers and sisters want which would be to find the tomb of the First Sith, take the ancient carbonite crystal, and then put it into the Lightsaber of their father Darth Plageius and bring him back to life.

EPISODE XI - The Eyes of Darkness

At the Beginning of the Next Movie, Rey and Finn would both recover and wake back up and when Lando comes to see them, he hands to Rey both Luke and Leia's lightsabers (he would give Rey Luke's green lightsaber and give Finn Leia's blue lightsaber. He would hold onto Luke's old blue lightsaber which also belonged to Anakin) and then throughout the course of the Next Movie, The First Order would basically become resurgent, Rey would continue to have visions of the young girl's death, Palpatine continuing to tell her to "accept who she really is" and also the deaths of the other Jedi students that she was training. Meanwhile, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, Nien Nunb, Zorri, and Wedge are able to find a First Order Star Destroyer. Finn, Poe, Zorri, and Wedge all sneak aboard it and capture 2 of the First Order officers. They then take them to an escape pod which they use to immediately eject from the Star Destroyer to which the Millennium Falcon (with Chewbacca and Nien Nunb piloting) then jumps in, captures the pod, and then jumps into hyperspace.

While in hyperspace, Finn, Poe, Zorri, and Wedge immediately begin interrogating the 2 officers asking them where the other ships in what is left of they're fleet are and where Kiva and her brothers and sisters are. The 2 officers would refuse to answer and instead remain silent, Zorri then immediately takes out her weapon and shoots 1 of the officers killing him (which instantly shocks everyone except Poe, he knows that that is the type of thing that Zorri would do when she herself wants answers from someone whenever she has more than 1 person as a prisoner). The remaining First Order officer immediately starts talking and reveals what Kiva and her brothers and sisters are planning to do (The First Order Admiral will have by then informed all of the Top Captains, Commanders, and Officers in the remnants of the First Order fleet about everything that Kiva told him) and what they're destination is. It would be a planet which supposedly was the location of the First Sith Temple and where the possible location of the tomb of the First Sith is located.

The Rebels (Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca, Zorri, Lando, Wedge, Jannah, Rose, Nien Nunb, Colonel Ackbar, and the rest) arrive at the planet soon after the First Order does and they land there and instantly have a long fire fight and battle with First Order storm troopers. They would find the remains of the Sith Temple (which is indeed there) and inside they would find Kiva and her brothers and sisters walking out with a large medallion around the neck of Kiva. The medallion would belong to the First Sith and it would contain on it the location of the First Sith's home planet where his tomb most likely is. Rey and Finn would have a long lightsaber fight with Kiva's brothers and sisters (her brothers and sisters would fight Rey and Finn just to give their sister time to get away with the medallion).

However, as Kiva walks out of the Sith Temple, she encounters Jannah who holds her at gunpoint and threatens to shoot her unless she drop her lightsaber and surrender the medallion. Jannah also tells Kiva that she is a quick shot and can definitely hit her target before getting force choked or thrown should Kiva try and do that. Kiva then says to her "I've been shot before, I know how it feels. I have always been lied to before, I know and remember how it feels. I also know what it looks like when people believe in something that really is not true" to which Kiva then force throws Jannah into and through a large pillar behind her. Then as Kiva walks by her, Jannah who is very badly wounded pulls a 2nd gun out of her back, points it at Kiva, Kiva then instantly turns around and force pushes her right into a wall (of the Sith Temple). However, as Jannah is in midair as she is thrown, she fires 1 shot at Kiva which strikes her right in the helmet (bursting half of it) and Kiva immediately falls backward and onto the ground. As soon as she hits the ground, Wedge, Chewbacca, and Colonel Ackbar run up to Kiva and immediately point their guns right at her head.

Meanwhile back inside of the Sith Temple, Kiva's brothers and sisters are lightsaber fighting against Rey and Finn and Rey and Finn are actually able to hold their own for quite some time. However, Kiva's brothers and sisters soon begin getting the upper hand against them. 1 of them then stops fighting and immediately looks out towards the entrance of the Sith Temple and then he (it would be the man that was woken up first in the space craft at the beginning of Episode 10, his name would actually be "Ranik") immediately yells "Stop!" and then yells to his brothers and sisters "KIVA!" to which Ranik and his brothers and sisters then run towards the entrance. Finn and Rey would then chase after them and once Ranik and his brothers and sisters get to the entrance, they see the Millennium Falcon fly away with an injured Kiva (and the medallion) and Jannah aboard it. Ranik would then step forward and immediately hold his hand out to the Millennium Falcon to stop it from leaving but before he is able to stop it, Rey would then come up from behind and slash Ranik across his back to which Ranik would then instantly turn around and with his brothers and sisters continue to lightsaber fight Rey and Finn.

However, as they fight….a damaged and out of control X-Wing (during that whole battle, Tie Fighters and X-Wings would be in the air above them fighting with each other) would crash into the Sith Temple and very close to Rey, Finn, Ranik, and the others and it knocks both Finn and Rey to the ground. Ranik would then tell his brothers and sisters that they need to leave, that Kiva can return herself to them, and that he memorized (Ranik would have been the one who found the medallion first) the location of the First Sith's home planet before he handed it over to Kiva, and that they now need to get there and get there first before the resistance does (since they too now have the medallion and with it, the location of the First Sith's home planet). Ranik and his brothers and sisters escape and Finn and Rey are picked up by a small Resistance ship and taken to the Resistance fleet which is in orbit of the planet.

Finn and Rey would get back aboard the Millennium Falcon and once they arrive, they will see that Jannah has died from her injuries. Finn wants to bring her back to life but can't because he at that point does not have enough force energy in him (his force energy is still weak from when he saved Rey). He asks Rey to bring Jannah back but Rey shockingly says nothing, instead she looks to where a dozen resistance guards are standing, walks up to them, and sees an unconscious Kiva lying on the ground.

She immediately pulls out her lightsaber and ignites it, but before she can act, Finn stops her, tells her that she is already down and that they may need her later. Rey tells Finn to back away and that she needs to do this, she needs to avenge the friends that they lost. Finn refuses to back away and yet can see that Rey is at that moment filled with Hate. Finn tells her that she needs to turn off her lightsaber and save Jannah while she still can. Rey turns back, looks at Jannah's body, and then says to Finn "she and all of the others would want me to end her" and she points her lightsaber at Kiva who is still unconscious. Rey then to Finn's shock just walks away and does not save Jannah.

Later Finn, Poe, Zorri, Lando, Chewbacca, Wedge, Rose, and the others examine the medallion, figure out what it has on it, and are able to locate the First Sith's home planet.

Rey however still continues to have visions of the young girl's death and of The Emperor, she just cannot get all of it out of her head. Over the course of the Movie, she is experiencing guilt, fear, and anger.

The Resistance arrives at the First Sith's home planet (and this time they get there first) and they scan the entire planet for anything that may have been a shelter to a city, a village, or even just a house.

They are actually able to locate a house on the largest mountain on the planet and the house would be on the southern part of the planet (the location would be desert like). When they land there, they see the house, enter it, and realize that it actually leads into the mountain itself (it would basically be like a long mine shaft).

Rey, Finn, and Rose enter into the cave while Poe, Zorri, Wedge, Connix, Nien Nunb, and Colonel Ackbar (each of them in X-Wings) and Lando and Chewbacca (in the Millennium Falcon) provide air cover above them.

Then the First Order arrives, the ships on both sides battle each other in orbit of the planet during which several smaller First Order tranports and a dozen tie-fighters all head down to the surface of the planet to where the mountain is located.

The Transports land while the tie-fighters and X-Wings battle each other in the air. 1 Transport opens up and out comes Ranik and his brothers and sisters.

Rey and Finn would both sense the presence of Ranik and the others and they would continue to proceed further into the cave (during which, Rey faintly hears Palpatine's voice telling her that it is time to become who she truly is).

Rey, Finn, and Rose would then reach the end of the cave where they indeed find the tomb of the First Sith. They open it and there is no body, instead it is just the very little remains of what belonged to the First Sith. As Finn and Rose look through the remains, Rey watches. She has a look of both Anger and Hate on her and then suddenly, she hears several lightsabers ignite behind her. She, Finn, and Rose all turn around and they see Ranik and his brothers and sisters standing there. "Give it to me" Ranik says to them, Rey ignites her lightsaber to which Ranik then replies "We don't need to do this yet again, we just want the crystal". Rose then turns and continues searching the remains in the tomb. Ranik sees her doing that and then says to Rey and Finn "you haven't found it have you ?", Finn then says "Not yet but we are about to and you will" but before he can finish, Rey charges right at Ranik and his brothers and sisters and swings her lightsaber at them, Finn quickly runs at them as well and they all fight. During the fight, Rose continues to search through the remains (there is dust, dirt, debris of clothing, items and other things throughout the inside of it) and then she suddenly finds what is clearly a lightsaber, she opens it and inside is a flat red carbonite crystal (the crystal that they have all been looking for). Rey, Finn, Ranik, and the others instantly stop fighting (they all sense the crystal), turn towards Rose, and they all see her holding it. Rey then turns back at Ranik and swings her lightsaber at him, he however sees it coming and ducks and then force pushes her against a wall (it knocks the wind out of her and keeps her down), Finn trys to fight Ranik and the others by himself but he is no match for them all by himself. After fighting them for only a few seconds, Ranik also forces throws him against a wall and the impact of it actually knocks him unconscious.

Ranik and the others then walk towards Rose, "Give it to me" Ranik says to her. Rose replies "No, it's over. You've all lost." and Ranik replies "No, you will give it to me" and as he says it, he waves his hand at Rose to which she then lifts her hand which is holding the crystal and as she hands it to Ranik and Ranik is taking it out of her hand, Rey suddenly jumps off of the ground and with her lightsaber swings right at the crystal and Rose and Ranik's hands as they both are holding the crystal at that second and the crystal then breaks apart, Rose then falls to the ground, and Ranik screams out "No!" when he sees what Rey did and then he and his brothers and sisters then all attack Rey with they're lightsabers and she is actually able to hold her own as she fights back. However, they are able to get the best of her and Ranik then (with the force) freezes her, lifts her in the air, and then begins force choking her to death. Rose however suddenly rises up, takes out her gun and then shoots Ranik right in the back (it doesn't kill him, it just wounds him) to which 1 of Ranik's sisters then literally throws her lightsaber right into and through the stomach of Rose. She immediately falls to the ground, she is actually still alive but clearly dying. Ranik meanwhile is helped back to his feet by 1 of his brothers and then looks down on the ground at Rey who he dropped when he was shot and he sees that she is unconscious. 1 of Ranik's sisters then asks Ranik if they can now finish her and Finn off to which Ranik replies "No, we can take her with us. She needs to suffer worse than we did when our father was taken from us". 1 of Ranik's brothers then asks what they should do with Finn and Ranik replies "Leave Him, we know who he is and what he can do, he will not hurt us. He can tell his friends who we are, what we can do, and that nothing can stop us". 1 of Ranik's sisters then asks him "What about Kiva ?" and Ranik replies "if she has not returned herself to us by the time we have brought our father back, he will bring her back". Ranik then looks down on the ground, sees a large piece of the broken crystal, picks it up, and then they all leave with an unconscious Rey.

Meanwhile, Finn is beginning to wake back up while Rose (who is still dying) sees another large piece of the crystal on the ground and near Rey's lightsaber (it would actually be Luke's green lightsaber which she had gotten back from Lando, she will have restored Anakin, Luke, and Leia's lightsabers with green and blue carbonite crystals). She with her last ounces of strength crawls over to the crystal, takes it, pulls herself over to Luke's lightsaber, opens it up, takes out the green crystal, places the red crystal inside of it, and then right as Finn is back up on his feet. Rose closes the lightsaber and ignites it.

The Film then immediately goes back to the white realm that Luke, Rey, and Ben were all in at the end of Episode 10. Luke Skywalker is standing alone with his eyes closed (he is seeing, sensing, and feeling the force and the entire universe) when suddenly he hears this strange sound of water which becomes louder and louder. He opens his eyes and he then sees below him this green force of energy rise up all around him. Then as it does, a blue force of energy comes down on him from above and is all around him. Then suddenly, the green and blue forces of energy then shoot themselves right into Luke's chest which Luke instantly feels, as it goes into him, a white light appears in his chest and it gets brighter and brighter as the green and blue energy go into him and then suddenly it all finally goes into him and the white light vanishes from Luke's chest. Luke then lowers his head (he is relieved that what he had been feeling had stopped) and as he does, we see a figure rise in front of him, Luke lifts his head and sees in front of him none other than his father Anakin. Anakin looks at Luke and smiles "may the force be with you son" he says to Luke to which we then see that white energy immediately explode out of Luke's chest (it would be so bright that it would immediately turn the entire screen white).

Rose ignites Luke's lightsaber and it then lets out a MASSIVE white flash and an even more MASSIVE force shock wave which knocks Finn back down on the ground, the shockwave comes right out of the cave and hits Ranik and his brothers and sisters and they all fall to the ground (with Rey who is still unconscious). The shock wave would also hit the Millennium Falcon and all of the X-Wings and Tie-Fighters that are all still fighting in the air and briefly (just for a few seconds) knock power out of all of them.

Meanwhile back inside the cave, Finn is on the ground and as he gets up on his knees, he looks forward and immediately sees something that puts him instantly into shock and amazement. Rose as she is dying (still) looks above her and she then lifts the lightsaber up towards what she is looking at and we then see a hand take the lightsaber. It is Luke, he is once again alive in the flesh. Luke kneels down at Rose, puts his hand on her chest, her lightsaber wound quickly heals, Luke then stands up, sees Finn and asks him "Where's Rey ?". Finn doesn't say anything, he is still in shock. Rose then replies that they took her to which Luke then looks back at Finn and tells him to help Rose. Luke then turns and walks out and as he does, Finn is able to compose himself and then yells to Luke as he walks out "WAIT, THERE'S 5 OF THEM AND THEY ALL HAVE SABERS, YOU CAN'T TAKE THEM" and Luke ignites his green lightsaber and replies "watch me".

Ranik and his brothers and sisters will have gotten back up on their feet, they all sense something has happened but they cannot figure out what it is. They do however know that it is time to leave. They take Rey and head towards their transport ship. They board it and it lifts off.

However, it stops in midair. Ranik runs up to the bridge of the transport and asks the pilots what is happening, the transport ship then slowly turns around and Ranik and the others then see Luke standing there holding his left hand in the air at them. Luke then smiles and then brings the ship down to the ground. Ranik then tells his brothers and sisters "someone has come back, now we must send him back". They all ignite their lightsabers and step out of the ship, they approach Luke who says to them "This doesn't need to happen, all I want is Rey" to which Ranik replies "It's always beautiful to wants things in life isn't it ? unfortunately, you don't belong in this life anymore". Luke then smiles at Ranik and says "I do, I always have, I know that now and I want you to know that you and your family now all have a choice to make. We can do things the easy way and you can give me Rey or we can do things the real easy way and I can take her, it is your call". Ranik then smiles and says "Only a Sith speaks like that, but you clearly aren't that" and he then yells to his brothers and sisters "No Mercy!" and they all charge at Luke with their lightsabers and over the course of several minutes, Luke kills all of them except Ranik. Luke and Ranik fight each other but Luke bests him and puts Ranik down to his knees "This is over, yield and no one else has to lose they're life". Ranik looks at Luke and says "the galaxy has become weak, my father will return and light it all on fire until it yields to the dark side". Luke then replies "No, it is over". Ranik then continues to smile but as he opens his mouth and is about to say something, we suddenly hear and see a red lightsaber ignite and rise behind him and it immediately goes right through his chest. It is Rey, she has killed Ranik. She stares at Ranik's body as it falls to the ground and then looks at Luke who literally has a look of shock on his face, Rey then says "It's not over" and then she walks past him and back to the cave.

The Resistance would then leave the planet and then later, Luke would reunite with Lando, Chewbacca, Wedge, C-3PO, and R2-D2. During which Lando gives Luke back the Blue lightsaber that belong to Luke's father.

Then later after that at the Main Resistance Base….Luke, Rey, Finn, Lando, Poe, Zorri, Wedge, Chewbacca and the others would all meet together. Poe would tell Luke what the First Order officer they captured told them (about the 3 Sith children that remained aboard the Main First Order Star Destroyer, the officer will have also told them that 4 of the First Order Star Destroyers are equipped with a Death Star type laser). Rey says that they need to find the remnants of the First Order fleet and destroy it and the last of the Sith. Luke then looks over to Rey and says that the fight with the Sith is over now. Rey then says to him "It's not over, The Sith are a threat as long as even 1 still lives, still exists". Luke then says to her "The Jedi do not kill unless we have to and only if we have to. Now, We no longer have to". Poe then says "What are you saying ? The First Order still has 4 working Death Star lasers, you don't really think that they aren't going to use them do you ?" and Luke replies "if they were going to use them, they would have used them already. How long has it been now since Exegol ?". Lando then looks at Luke and says "Luke, what do you want to do ?" and Luke replies "We contact the First Order, tell them that we are now willing to finally end the fight. We are not surrendering but there will be no more battles, no more fighting, no more death, no more. We will also allow them to return back to the systems and back to their lives if they disable their 4 Death Star lasers and turn over all of their ships over to the Resistance", Rey immediately interrupts "You Aren't Serious, They are Monsters. They have Killed, Butchered, and Slaughtered Children!". The entire room is silent, Luke looks at Rey but he doesn't say anything, Rey then turns to the others and says "You can't go along with this, after all we have done together, all we have been through together, who that we have all become together, we cannot do this, We Can't!". Nobody says anything, the room remains silent but they all stare at Rey. Rey then looks at Finn and says to him "We can't do this, we need to make things right", Finn doesn't say anything, Rey's eyes then become watery (she sees and senses how Finn feels). Rey then says to Finn "Is this who you are as well ?" to which Finn quietly replies "yeah, it is". Tears then begin to fall from Rey's eyes, "then all of you be damned" she says as she walks out of the room.

Rey then goes down to the Detention level of the Base and in the Main Containment room, she finds Kiva herself helmet-less and also restrained (by a force field) down on a bed (she is completely helpless, she cannot move at all). Rey sees that Kiva is once again awake, "they're all dead now aren't they ?" Kiva says "not all of them" Rey replies. "The children, they still live don't they ?" and Rey replies "where are they ?". Kiva then turns her head and looks at Rey "you deserved what we did to you, your students deserved what we did to them, the galaxy deserves to burn for all that has happened. Those children have done nothing, they barely have any of their power yet, they don't even know how to use a lightsaber yet" she says "where are they ?" again says Rey. "You are a fool, only a fool would kill innocent children and" Rey immediately interrupts Kiva and yells "YOU SLAUGHTERED INNOCENT CHILDREN, YOU DID!". Kiva then replies "No, They were not children. They were you, they were with you, they chose to follow you, they chose to become like you. I gave them what they deserved for that. They did it to themselves. Their deaths are their own fault". Rey then again says to Kiva "where are they ?" and Kiva replies "Rey, I learned a lot since I woke up, since we first met. I learned who Anakin Skywalker was, I learned who Luke Skywalker was. My brothers and sisters unfortunately did not but I do know that killing innocent children is not what a Skywalker does, it is not what a Skywalker is". Rey is about to respond but she then again hears Palpatine voice's "you have the power to make things right, to make it all right, you have always had the power, end your suffering and unleash that power". Rey then once again sees a quick flashback to the young girl's death. Rey then opens her eyes, looks at Kiva and Kiva then says "You took the name 'Rey Skywalker' and now you have to live up to it" and then Rey replies "I know who I am" and then Rey says "final chance, where are they ?" and Kiva replies "final chance ? there is no final chance anymore. What's now done is done. One day my father will return and when he does, the galaxy will burn, and all those who oppose him will die with" Kiva doesn't complete her sentence, she doesn't complete it because at that second Rey ignites her red lightsaber (she would actually still be holding on to it) and brings it down right into Kiva's chest killing her.

Luke and Finn sense it instantly, Luke runs to the Detention level while Finn yells over to Poe to hit the Base's Emergency Alert and that something has happened to Kiva and to Rey. Finn then runs down to the Detention Level, he catches up with Luke and the 2 enter the level, walk into the Main Containment Room and then to their horror see Kiva dead. "How ?" says Finn "we need to find her now!" Luke says.

Finn contacts Poe over the intercom, tells him what has happened and that they need to lock down the entire base. Poe orders the immediate lock down on both the inside and the outside, no ships can enter or leave.

Inside the Main Hanger Bay of the Base, Connix and a dozen Resistance soldiers stand guard by the Millennium Falcon and all of the Resistance fighters and ships in the Hanger. Then suddenly, the entrance to the Hanger opens and Rey enters, Connix and the soldiers raise their weapons at her and Connix immediately says into her radio that Rey has entered the Main Hanger. Connix then looks at Rey and tells her to stand down, "move aside" Rey says (her face filled with hate, her voice filled with rage). "You know we can't do that Rey" replies Connix, "move aside" Rey again says and Connix replies "Rey Stop, This isn't go to happen. It's all done now, It's all over" and Rey then ignites her red lightsaber, closes her eyes and again sees the young girl's death (it is completely haunting her), Rey then opens her eyes and now with a look of rage on her face, Rey says "no it's not" and then she throws her lightsaber right into Connix's chest instantly killing her (Luke and Finn feel it instantly), The Resistance soldiers open fire on Rey, Rey stops all of their shots and deflects them against the walls and against other soldiers. Rey then force takes back her lightsaber and then begins killing every soldier getting in her way (Luke and Finn are feeling all of it, yet they continue to run to the Main Hanger). Rey is then finished with the slaughter, she has killed every Resistance soldier in that Hanger. She then walks into the Millennium Falcon, turns it on, the ship then turns towards to the Main Hanger Doors which are closed, she then fires on the doors and blasts a MASSIVE hole right into them. She then flies the Millennium Falcon out of the Hanger, up into the sky, into space, out of orbit, and into hyperspace. Luke and Finn then run into the Hanger and see that they are too late, they see what Rey has done, and Luke himself knows what Rey has become.

Meanwhile, The Millennium Falcon is flying through hyperspace. As it does, Rey is sitting in the cockpit of it flying it, as she does, she closes her eyes and as she has her eyes closed, the camera then closes in on her eyes until we are at the point where the only thing in the shot are Rey's closed eyes. She then opens them and we see that she now has Sith eyes.

The screen then instantly turns dark and the end credits begin but without the usual ending "STAR WARS" music and no stars in the background. Instead, it is just silence and darkness as the credits go.

EPISODE XII - The Redemption of Heroes

Basically over the course of the final Movie, The Resistance go and search for Rey and the Millennium Falcon in an effort to try and stop her (they even try to contact the First Order and warn them about Rey but the First Order never replies to them. The First Order Admiral does not want to make peace with them under any circumstance in any capacity, manner, way, shape, or form) and during they're search, Luke would help Finn to complete his training (which he never finished when Rey was training him and the other students) and become a Jedi.

However, Finn himself suddenly begins having visions of Rey killing Darth Plagueis's 3 young children and then becoming Empress Palpatine and so against Luke's wishes (Luke would be explaining to Finn what happened to him in "THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK" when he left his training to go and help his friends and it ended badly for him), Finn leaves Luke and then eventually find's the First Order Fleet and the Main Star Destroyer (just after Rey finds it) that has Plagueis's 3 children on it.

Finn boards the ship a few minutes after Rey does and he begins chasing her (she would be leaving a trail of bodies of First Order Storm Troopers and Officers) all the way to the Main Hanger where all of the Tie-Fighters are docked (also where Plagueis's children were being hidden from her) and after Rey kills the Storm Troopers that were protecting the children, she then fires her Force Lightning at the 3 children and begins trying to kill the children who all scream out in pain as the lightning hits them.

However, Finn stops her and then begins trying to convince Rey to stop what she is doing and that the children are innocent and had nothing to do with what they're older Brothers and Sisters did to her and all of her Jedi students. Rey would refuse to listen to him to which Finn then tells her that if she wants to kill the children then she would first have to go through him and he then takes out a lightsaber and ignites it.

Rey would then try and convince Finn not to do this (she would still care very much for him) to which he would refuse and tell her he will not let her harm the children to which Rey would then (tearfully) ignite her own lightsaber and the 2 of them would begin a lightsaber fight and during it, Rey would basically completely overpower Finn and easily beat him (Rey would still refuse to kill him though, she still cares about him despite everything else that has happened) and then while Finn is down, she would then begin trying to kill Plagueis's children again (this time with her lightsaber).

However, before she is able to reach them. She is stopped by Luke (Luke would have gone after Finn knowing that what happened to him in "THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK" will happen to Finn as well and he had to stop that from happening) and the 2 of them would begin a lightsaber battle which basically ends up being a Draw and then Rey uses Force Lightning and shoots it at Luke but Luke blocks and holds it with his green lightsaber but Rey continues to push her force lightning at him. Luke would then take out his father's blue lightsaber and also hold it against Rey's force lightning (he would basically be crossing both lightsabers against Rey's force lightning almost exactly how Rey did against The Emperor in "THE RISE OF SKYWALKER").

It is able to hold Rey's lightning and even reverse it but only for a few seconds. Rey pushes her force lightning at Luke even harder and it then goes through Luke's lightsabers (knocking them both out of his hands) and it then hits Luke and puts him down and as he is down, Rey continues to shock him with her force lightning (She has now just completely lost it) and as she does it, Luke begins screaming out in pain (just like he did when The Emperor tried to kill him with force lightning in "RETURN OF THE JEDI") and as he screams, Rey shifts some of the force lightning (not all of it) that she is firing at Luke over at the 3 children (the 3 children would all start screaming again as the lightning hits them) and begins trying to kill them again.

Finn who is down on the ground and still very weak (after getting taken down by Rey when he fought her) hears Luke and the 3 children all screaming as Rey's force lightning is hitting them, he then uses the force to bring his lightsaber back to him, he then uses the force to bring Luke's green lightsaber over to him. Finn then opens up Luke's lightsaber, takes out the same crystal that brought Luke back to life and he then uses the force to bring to him Luke's blue lightsaber (he knows that it used to belong to Anakin Skywalker), Finn takes out the crystal that is already in it, puts the red crystal in it, closes it, and then ignites it.

It then causes another MASSIVE shock wave which knocks everyone on the Star Destroyer off of their feet and briefly knocks out power on the ship and every other ship in the fleet.

Rey would then rise back up on her feet (she would have gotten knocked off her feet from the shock wave), she would then turn to Luke, Luke would be looking at Finn, Rey then turns and looks at Finn and sees him holding what was once Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber. "What have you done ?" she says to him and Finn replies "I've made things right".

Rage consumes Rey, she raises her hands and shoots force lightning right at Finn but it stops in midair just before it reaches Finn. Finn looks over to Luke, it is not him who stopped it.

Rey stops shooting her force lightning and then she hears it, the breath, the sound of the breath of the Most Powerful Force User to have ever existed. She turns around and behind her she sees standing in the flesh Darth Vader himself. Finn and Luke both cannot believe they're eyes.

Vader steps forward towards Rey, Rey then ignites her lightsaber and when she does, Vader stops. He then lifts his hands up to his helmet and then takes it off. It is a young Anakin Skywalker (as we saw him in "REVENGE OF THE SITH" before he turned to the dark side).

Anakin instantly begins a lightsaber fight with Rey and it ends up being a total mismatch with Anakin beating her at every corner and as a result, Rey would then begin using the force and start actually throwing Tie Fighters at him and Anakin would then respond by throwing Tie Fighters right back at her (during they're battle, Luke and Finn would take the 3 children out of the Hanger and to 1 of the escape pods) and in the end, the battle between the 2 of them ends with Anakin killing Rey.

I would also have a lot more happening during Finn, Luke, and Anakin's fights with Rey. I would also have a space battle happen between the First Order Fleet and the Resistance ships.

Then after Anakin (carrying Rey's body), Luke, Finn, and the 3 children are all able to get off of the Main Star Destroyer (on they're way to the escape pods, they find the Hanger that Rey landed the Millennium Falcon in and they all escape off of the ship on it). The First Order Admiral aboard the Main Star Destroyer orders his ship and the other Star Destroyers with Death Star Lasers to lock weapons onto the Main Lead Resistance ship (which would be commanded by Wedge and Colonel Ackbar).

Then as the Resistance sees the Death Star Lasers firing up preparing to fire, they all attack them but the Lasers now have shields themselves which the Resistance weapons cannot penetrate.

Anakin, Luke, and Finn (in the Millennium Falcon) and Lando, Chewbacca, Poe, Zorri, Rose, and Nien Nunb (who would all each be flying in X-Wings) and the others (the droids would be in X-Wings that the characters are flying) would all then watch in horror as the Death Star Lasers from the First Order Star Destroyers all fire at once but as they do, Anakin then holds out his hand and is actually able to freeze all of the Lasers just before they hit the Main Lead Resistance ship and then Anakin suddenly pushes his hand forward and all of the Death Star Lasers then reverse and go right back into each of the Star Destroyers that they came from and it destroys them, the remaining First Order ships then stand down their weapons and fighters and surrender to the Resistance.

My Trilogy would basically then end with Finn taking Rey's body back to Jakku and giving her a proper burial there and also with both Anakin and Luke remaining alive and standing side by side on a hill next to Luke's old home on Tatooine and watching the Twin Suns this time rise in the distance.