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HELP, problem hooking up equip


I'm trying to hook up my HDTV, cable box, & DVD recorder/player.

I have my cable box & HDTV hooked up with an HDMI cable wire. When I put my TV source on HDMI I get a great sound & picture. The problem lies with my DVD rec/player. How do I hook it up to record & play?

My dvd has the following slots:

Digital audio out (orange)
Antenna dvd output
AV input (composite-Red,White,Yellow)
AV out- Red,White,Yellow
Composite out (Green,blue,red)

The cable box which is an HDTV box has:

Audio/video out (composite, red,yellow,white)
Digital Audio out (Red,White,black)
HDTV composite (green,blue,red)
Aentenna in
Aentenna out RF

The HDTV pretty much has tons of hook ups

What do you suggest? andAre there settings that I have to adjust?

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Re: HELP, problem hooking up equip

unfortunately, your best solution for recording from the cable box is an RCA connection (red, white and yellow) from the cable box to the DVD recorder. For DVD playback, use component (blue, green and red)for your video, and RCA (white and red) for audio.

Re: HELP, problem hooking up equip

Okay, I did this and it works, the only problem is, if I turn off the TV (the cable box stays on) it only records the sound but no picture. Instead I get a msg on the screen saying that picture can not be displayed find another DVI input source, (or something like that). It's really annyoing, because on my old tv, I was able to shut it off. I would like to shut it off when I'm taping something over night. What do you suggest, that would allow me to turn the TV off while taping. Thanks for your help.

Oh, and it records without the RCA hook up from the DVD to the cable.
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Re: HELP, problem hooking up equip

sound like you might have the TV out connected to the DVD in. I would run all connections from the cable box instead of using the tv outs.

The reason you want to do this is related to HDMI. When the TV turns off, it sends a signal to the box. When the TV is off, it will not pass video through the TV and out to the DVD recorder. If you connect the cable box via RCAs for both audio and video directly to the DVD recorder, it will not matter if the TV is on. The sound quality will be the same.