Avatar: The Way of Water : Guillermo del Toro gives a rave review

Guillermo del Toro gives a rave review

“A staggering achievement,” del Toro tweeted on Thursday. “[‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is chockfull] of majestic Vistas and emotions at an epic, epic scale. A master at the peak of his powers…”
He actually wrote "chokefull" but they corrected him. I started to doubt my own doubts about this film when I saw del Toro's Tweet but then I got curious and checked out his Wikipedia page.
In 1997, at the age of 33, Guillermo was given a $30 million budget from Miramax Films to shoot another film, Mimic. He was ultimately unhappy with the way Miramax treated him during production, which led to his friend James Cameron almost coming to blows with Miramax co-founder and owner Harvey Weinstein during the 70th Academy Awards.
Around 1997, del Toro's father, Federico del Toro Torres, was kidnapped in Guadalajara. Del Toro's family had to pay twice the amount originally asked for as a ransom. Immediately after learning of the kidnapping, fellow filmmaker James Cameron, a friend of Del Toro since they met during the production of 1993's Cronos, withdrew over $1 million in cash from his bank account and gave it to Del Toro to help pay the ransom. After the ransom was paid, Federico was released, having spent 72 days kidnapped.
They seem pretty close. Guillermo del Toro might feel obligated to talk up this movie no matter its quality out of loyalty to Cameron or just because he owes him one million dollars.

Reminds me of how Quentin Tarantino would often list a Tony Scott film as one of his favorites of the year and single it out for specific praise.

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The first one got great reviews so I'm skeptical of the reviews on this sequel.