Tekken : Great movie

Great movie

I've seen this movie 5 or 6 times. It's a great movie with great fights and a great story. All the hate saying its a disgrace are just a bunch of nerds who are upset it's not exactly like a rubbish video game. Seriously I've played tekken 5 and it was awful. This movie had a dark feel to it and normally hate post apocalyptic movies but this one did it just right. Sure the final fight wasnt great and that should've been done better where both should've gotten a few hits in and why did the other guy stop after getting a cut on the stomach surely he could've gotten up and carried on but apart from that the fights were great and so was the acting. Sure it's not Oscar winner type but a decent martial arts movie

Re: Great movie

I enjoy it. Dwight Little has directed some decent action films in the past.

There was a TEKKEN 2: KAZUYA'S REVENGE, but it had to have been a standalone movie converted into a TEKKEN movie at the last minute. It's more reboot than sequel or prequel.


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It is a fun movie when viewing it outside the scope of serious critique. Sure, it's the typical hero's journey style trope, where a young man coming-of-age must overcome incredible odds.


At first, he is only in it for himself, wanting to avenge the death of his mother, who has taught him everything he knows in the unforgiving world. By the end his outlook is changed, realizing that fighting problems means fighting them with people you can trust. He had to learn to trust just as he was taught to survive by his mother's teachings.