Fat Man and Little Boy : Good movie

Good movie

This movie is quite emotionally moving and I like both Paul(great as Groves) and Dwight's performance (great as Oppie). Not a bad movie at all. Why on earth does this movie didn't make a big hit in the US I don't know:(.

Re: Good movie

It should had been better.

Its that man again!!

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I agree. I really enjoyed this movie. I was actually quite surprised to see John Cusack was in it. That's probably what really got me interested in watching it.

So many stories, so little time.

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If you are into action movies then I think you'll enjoy this movie called The Misfits. It is starring Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Chung, Nick Cannon, and Mike Angelo. It looks like a fun summer film and I can't wait to watch it. Here's a link for the trailer: