House of the Dragon : Finished HotD, can't wait for season 2

Finished HotD, can't wait for season 2

Few complaints. Rhaenyra's second actor was nowhere near as charming and likable as the first actor. They could've aged her up and made it work. The new one looks and sounds like a 16 year old boy in a dress… I don't find myself rooting for her like I did the first actor. She's simply dull and uninteresting.

I was confused about a particular affair. Am I going crazy or did the show completely skip over Rhaenyra sleeping with Harwin Strong? The first half of the season spent plenty of time on her romance with Cristin Cole and even the creepy incest with her uncle, but I don't recall ever seeing any Strong sex. For a whole episode I assumed they were going to frame an innocent man for Cole's deeds but it turned out she indeed sired a couple bastard children offscreen. Although I suppose it's implied considering the arrangement Rhaenyra had with her cousin about having an open marriage, but it just feels odd to completely skip over a detail like this. I reckon if the season had been 13 episodes it would've had more time to flesh that stuff out.

I also wasn't sure what the point was in Rhaenys crashing the crowning ceremony with her dragon lol. It felt pretty rushed too… where the fuck did she get the armor?

Other than that, I thought the writing far surpassed any season of GOT. The cinematography is stunning, the acting is superb… the cast gets no complaints from me, other than the obvious fact that it has way too many black people.

I'm digging the new Djawadi motifs, though I wish he would stop spamming the same track over and over again. He's doing it less than GOT but still too often for my taste.

Oh and the finale was fantastic. "Serve me, Vhaegar!" was such a great scene and I'm loving the character depth. After having finished the season I will say that I'm Team Black for now, though I'm still saddened by the Rhaenyra recast. Matt Daemon makes up for it, but the chemistry between them is nonexistent which sours it a little for me. I like Aemond Joy Sparrow and I'm actually warming up to Evan Peters as Aegon II. Just recently I saw him play Jeffrey Dahmer and now he's an albino dragon king. That guy's got range. The combined might of Aemond Joy and Evan Peters might be enough to win me over to Team Green, but I want to see Matt Daemon and Rhaenyra fuck shit up. I'm also sick of the Hightowers so I wouldn't mind seeing them get wiped out.

I'm also intrigued by the idea that Aegon the Conqueror's real intention of coming to Westeros was to unite it against the Others. I'm guessing the "secret" gets lost after Rhaenyra and is rediscovered many years later by Rhaegar? I didn't expect to see this many references to the song of ice and fire… it's a shame that the long night in GOT ended up being such a farce, so this is all build-up for nothing. I wouldn't mind if these writers remade the final season of GOT.

That guy with the limp who's got a foot fetish, is he this show's version of Littlefinger?

I look forward to whatever season 2 has in store for us. It's a shame we have to wait until 2025. The world will likely end by then.

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The new Rhaenyra actress is a butch dyke, check her out irl. I, too, am very disappointed they recast the original, since her and Daemon had actual great chemistry.

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Especially during the finger dance!

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This 2024 shit is ridiculous. When’s John Snow out?

One thing I also hated about HotD is the many allusions to Jon Snow prophecy, which amounted to nothing. I assume they’re doing this as a layup for this new jon snow series, which means it will feature the WWs returning. Otherwise how the fuck did he fulfill the prophecy? The prophecy they keep mentioning in HotD.