Music General : Favorite Songs Of Your Favorite Bands

Favorite Songs Of Your Favorite Bands

Pink Floyd
-Shine On You Crazy Diamond
-Us And Them

The Doors
-The End
-When The Music's Over
-L.A. Woman
-Waiting For The Sun
-Five To One

-25 or 6 to 4
-Little One
-[I've Been] Searchin' So Long
-Something In This City Changes People
-Oh, Thank You Great Spirit

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Best Doors song:

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Surprised this didn't open the album "The Soft Parade", especially considering what did (Tell All The People).. Jim called it a dumb song in a Rolling Stone interview.

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that's all boring ****. how bout some good stuff like goyte

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Dude had literally one song.

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Ramones - "Commando", "Glad To See You Go", "53rd and 3rd", "Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World", "Bad Brain", "I Wanna Live", "Crummy Stuff", "Go Lil' Camaro Go", "Beat on the Brat", "Pinhead", "I'm Affected", "I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement", "Pet Sematary", "Swallow My Pride", "I Don't Care", "Chain Saw", "Oh Oh I Love Her So", "In The Park", "She Talks To Rainbows", "Let's Go", "Locket Love", "California Sun", "High Risk Insurance", "All the Way", "We Want the Airwaves", "Sitting in My Room", "7-11"

The Fall -"Rebellious Jukebox", "Rowche Rumble", "Wings", "The Man Whose Head Expanded", "Totally Wired", "Powder Keg", "New Face in Hell", "Marquis Cha-Cha", "An Older Lover", "C'n'C-S Mithering", "The Classical", "Prole Art Threat", "Pay Your Rates", "Fit and Working Again", "Leave the Capital", "English Scheme", "L.A.", "How I Wrote Elastic Man"

Sol Invictus - "Angels Fall", "Raven Chorus", "Against the Modern World", "Death of the West", "Somewhere in Europe", "The Ruins", "Blood of Summer", "Here We Stand", "Heroes Day", "Blood Against Gold", "Here Am I", "In Days To Come", "The World Shrugged", "Someday", "World Turn Green", "Like A Sword", "In A Silent Place", "Believe Me", "Driftwood Thrones", "No Gods", "The Runes", "Did You See", "Oh What Fun", "In the Wake of the Wolf"

Black Flag - "Nervous Breakdown", "My War", "I Love You", "American Waste", "Rise Above", "White Minority", "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie", "Beat My Head Against the Wall", "No More", "Damaged I", "Nothing Left Inside", "Three Nights", "Six Pack", "The Bars", "Wound Up", "Rat's Eyes", "This is Good", "I'm the One", "Best One Yet", "Can't Decide", "Modern Man", "Now She's Black", "Paralyzed", "It's All Up To You", "In My Head", "I Don't Care", "Jealous Again", "No Values", "Depression", "Room 13", "What I See", "Police Story", "The Crazy Girl", "Damaged II", "Spray Paint the Walls", "The Swinging Man", "Scream"

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The Beatles
-Cry Baby Cry
-Come Together
-Eleanor Rigby
-Strawberry Fields Forever
-A Day in the Life

Massive Attack
-Unfinished Sympathy
-Euro Child

I don't really know much about bands or music actually. I'm having trouble thinking who I like.

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forgot to mention "Help" which I think is their first GREAT song

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Swans - "Love of Life", "Better Than You", "God Loves America", "Blind", "(She's A) Universal Emptiness", "Children of God", "God Damn the Sun", "Blood Promise", "Love Will Tear Us Apart", "Love Will Save You".

Death in June - "Runes & Men", "Giddy Giddy Carousel", "Fall Apart", "Death of the West", "Sons of Europe", "Till the Living Flesh is Burned", "The Guilty Have No Pride", "Carousel", "Crush My Love", "Leper Lord", "Doubt To Nothing", "The Giddy Edge of Light"

Antiseen - "Thanks A Lot", "Queen City Stomp", "Ruby, Get Back To the Hills", "N.C. Royalty", "She's Part of the Scene", "War Hero", "Space is the Place", "Death Train Comin'", "Hippie Punk", "Up All Night", "Walking Dead", "Kill the Business", "Fuck All Y'all"

Skrewdriver - "A Case of Pride", "Built Up, Knocked Down", "The Only One", "Where's It Gonna End", "Government Action", "(Too Much) Confusion", "I Don't Like You", "Back With A Bang", "Voice of Britain", "Power From Profit", "Mr. 9 to 5", "Poland", "Prisoner of Peace"

MDC - "Radioactive Chocolate", "Multi Death Corporation", "I Remember", "I Hate Work", "Dick For Brains", "Selfish Shit", "Pay To Come Along", "(R)Evolution in Rock", "Chicken Squawk", "Death of a Nun", "Kleptomaniac", "Missile Destroyed Civilization", "War is a Racket", "My Family is a Little Weird"

AC/DC - "Dog Eat Dog", "Whole Lotta Rosie", "Go Down", "Dirt Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", "Big Balls", "Rocker", "Ride On", "T.N.T.", "Touch Too Much", "Shot Down in Flames", "Highway To Hell", "Down Payment Blues", "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)", "Evil Walks", "Night of the Long Knives", "Emission Control"

The Beatles - "She Said She Said", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Piggies", "Sexy Sadie", "Revolution", "Revolution 9", "I Am The Walrus", "Lovely Rita", "A Day in the Life", "Run For Your Life"

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A few more…

Fairport Convention - "Fotheringay", "Matty Groves", "The Journeyman's Grace", "Angel Delight", "Meet on the Ledge", "Crazy Man Michael", "Gone, Gone, Gone", "Genesis Hall", "Percy's Song"

The Doors - "Wishful Sinful", "The End", "Take It As It Comes", "Alabama Song", "L.A. Woman", "Riders on the Storm", "'L'America", "Strange Days", "I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind"

The Flesh Eaters - "Shallow Water", "Suicide Saddle", "Digging My Grave", "Lake of Burning Fire", "The Wedding Dice", "A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die", "The Rosy Hours", "See You in the Boneyard", "Cyrano de Berger's Back"