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Favorite Genres


I have to be honest here, I like Fantasy, but all the good stuff seems to have been filed away as clear Science Fiction.

I also have a thing for Animation as an artist, whatever that means to you…

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I like all types but horror is my #1

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Sickly sweet romantic comedies are what turn me on.

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Science Fiction is my favourite! I also enjoy fantasy, historical/period, and documentaries. I don't mind horror, but it's not something I've really gone out of my way to watch.

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According to IMDb, my most viewed genre is Drama, followed by (in order) Thriller, Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Horror and then Mystery. After that the numbers blur together.

That said, I guess Drama covers it. But Sci-fi, psychological thrillers/horrors, mystery, arthouse movies about dreams and shit.. these are probably what I end up enjoying the most.