Fantasy Island : Fantasy Island- Observation with questions

Fantasy Island- Observation with questions

I just had Back surgery and had nothing to do for 4 weeks but watch TV. I stumbled across Fantasy Island, the original show. I watched it back in the 70s and 80s when it came out, I was @ 12 then.I never realized Roark was supernatural. My question is, why in season 3 did Roark and Tattoo stop their friendly banter just before the car would pick them up to greet the plane? Also they ruined the ombiance of the greeting by running a pre filmed loop of the hula dancers , prior Roark woul say Smiles Everyone and point to the hula girl to start dancing, it was a different girl each time. Just many I guess cost cutting efforts ,but it was unique and made each show more personal and less canned.
I know, yes I am that bored.

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It was a great show in it's time, especially with the underlying supernatural and satanic subtext elements that I would guess most viewers simply didn't get.

If you haven't seen the new version of the show, spare yourself the pain. It was so bad I'm not even sure it made it past the first couple episodes before getting cancelled.

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You are so right. I never knew that Roark was immortal. Fantasy Island AKA Pergatory….

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He's the devil.

The Lion does not give a fuck. Bring. More. Sheep.

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I think they probably thought that the Roarke/Tattoo banter, prior to the car pickup, was just filler. And they probably didn’t feel like writing it anymore.

As for the hula girl dancer: they generally had a different one each season. As early as season 2, they were re-using her footage. I think they had her in once to shoot and then just changed up the shots of her from week to week. I remember this way too well, but I thought the season 2 girl was very pretty and always kept an eye on the show just for her and she was there all season. Season 3 had a few different girls. By the time we got to season 4, it was a group of dancers, and then it was always the same footage.

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I've been doing just this for the past few months, off & on. In an early episode (or TV movie pre-series) Roarke says of his guests "and so mortal!" in response to something Tattoo says. Has anyone ever wondered if Tattoo is also immortal?

If you're watching it on TV, you're missing a lot of scenes. You probably will never see this (or I won't see your reply by the time you get around to…) but which channel you caught it on? I Found it on GET TV at crack of night. Then I went online to watch the same: they cut TONS of scenes, which is the reason why many don't make any sense on TV! Could be that they cut out the banter.

I hate to watch it online though: it's widescreen! :-/ It was never filmed WS! I can't get the DVDs. I don't even know if they released all seasons..?

I didn't notice that (yet) but I noticed that Roarke acts like he can't stand Tattoo all the time, with nothing to redeem him by. In first seasons, they were best buddies. He'd get exasperated, backed up with friendliness. No more!

Glad I'm not the only one who caught the repeat footage of the dancers but:
1) It's not always hula! Sometimes it is Tamure (Tahiti's dance), or fusion, and sometimes it is nonsense jazz dance in pareos (such as final seasons, when they whip sashes and kick their heels back of them). Also the dancers were onscreen for 2 seconds or less, each time!

2) Did you not notice that the ENTIRE footage in the intro, some 5 min, is a copy/paste rehash? Including people on the beach with show's credits on top of them (sometimes the footage is mirror reversed), the "Good moring Tattoo/Boss", get in the Rover, leave, arrive, "smiles everyone", dancers.

3) The drink changed from cool fruit cocktails to boring apple juice, always in the same cup. NOT a Champagne flute. Maybe wine. No more cool slices of fruit on the rim.

4) A very cheap production: they reused the 2 bungalows over & over & over again. One had blue paint & carpet; the other has fancy white marble stairs that go down from the entrance into the bungalow, with greenery at screen right. They simply changed the paintings, the curtains, the furniture and reused these 2 sets week after week.

Well, I've noticed a lot more, but that'll do for now. I'm think about starting a fansite. Whatever happened to those? They were fun! Very few left around. I don't know if the owners deleted them or their providers went the way of geocities but it's sad. A few still found at archives.

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