Ellen DeGeneres : Ellen DeGeneres as a Baby/Toddler etc…

Ellen DeGeneres as a Baby/Toddler etc…

She was outside a lot Down South by New Orleans, apparently, and she had brown (tan) skin and white hair. Her mom was cute when she was a kid/teenager. Too bad I don't know where the picture is. She's from New Orleans and had, I think, dark/brown hair.

Check this out.

What do you think of this, being lesbian?

What if she had long hair, would she look more feminine?

I think she is looking at Germany, which is fine, but it reminds me of things like when Britney Spears took over… She may be looking to learn and earn, herself! rather than the other way around. She gets attention for not being too short, too, like Britney may be, for example. I had an organ teacher / choir director from New Orleans, and she was tiny without her heels but an active and maybe strong woman. Her husband became a millionaire with a hotel, I think, in New Orleans. I was tall until we left Florida and moved to the New Orleans area. I think it was sorta an easy transition emotionally, for me. I was 12 and in 7th grade, the summer before, quite a journey or little adventure, you might say.

I dunno, though, would you prefer to be from Down South or Up North?

I'm guessing Bella Thorne's mom may be from Southeastern Florida? Part Italian and red hair. Bella's dad was Latin American, Cuban. Bella is born in October 1997.

Here she is with her sister, born in 1993. Bella really had light reddish hair but dyed it red later on, too.

Anyway, what makes Ellen so special, do you think?


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How come you don't like black people?

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Because I'm already 1/2 Chinese, but I do like Black people, just have a hard time with them because they just feel bad they're Black but in the end change their minds and want to be White and change it back again.