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Ed Wynn

I think all his shows were kinescoped and, 15 years ago, I bought a two VHS set. It was probably his first show on which he said "I've been in television twenty minutes. I know as much as anyone." Some of them from 1949 had guests like Buster Keaton, John Charles Thomas and Dinah Shore. The one with Dinah was a little awkward. She finished singing, the audience applauded, and they kept the camera on her as she limped off the stage.

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I've seen a few episodes. Dated but amusing. I kinda like it. It's nice to see a Hollywood-produced show that isn't junk (in 1949, Hollywood's shows were generally very inferior to the New York produced shows. Ed Wynn's show was an exception).

This is the DuMont Television Network

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There are about half s dozen shows on youtube from the fall of 1949. Then they go on to 1950 which is beyond the scope of this section.

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I actually uploaded a clip from Dinah's episode to YouTube back in 2012.

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