Black Adam : Dr. Fate was an idiot

Dr. Fate was an idiot

He can see the future and knew Black Adam was necessary to defeat the big bad guy, yet he decided to put Black Adam up in suspended animation, thus keeping him away from the fight and leading to Dr. Fate's own death. Had he just let Black Adam stay free then Black Adam could have handled the final battle himself and Dr. Fate would have survived. What a dumb bastard.

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He must have seen that Black Adam needed to be imprisoned to beat Sabbac. He lost his will to fight and regained it after dying (I think) and getting a pep talk from his son.

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Watched this once and had no desire to see it again lol

“Hera, grant me your fury, so I can remind my enemies I am not the weakness they perceive, I am the oncoming storm, I am war.”

Re: RiP, Bakesvet. 😵…